Vol VI, No 3 (1898)

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Chizh V.F.


Disorders of mental activity during catatonia, based on my observations, are very different from what many authors have seen with this disease. At the beginning of my study of catatonia, for a long time I could not understand why what I saw was so different from the descriptions of this disease in textbooks, I did not trust my observations for a long time, explaining this disagreement with the imperfection of research, tried to find what they saw in other observers. But the more I studied these patients, the more I became convinced that the mental disorders of the catatonic patients were still described neurologically. I insist that the catatonic people do not have any delusions or hallucinations; even illusions are extremely rare.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):1-71
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About the influence of thyroidectomy on the growth and development of the bone and nervous system in young animals

Akopenko A.F.


The multifaceted and dark question of the function of the thyroid gland is extremely important, since it is associated with very many serious issues from various areas of medical science. By the way, in the last time, the question of trophic influences of the thyroid glands is increasingly emerging, the question of whether the proper nutrition and development of tissues can depend on the function of the gland. It would be extremely interesting and important to solve this question, since in the direct connection with him there is the question of the immediate ethology of cretinism. Many observations (Virchow, Kocher, Bruns, Grundier, etc.) confirm the existence of a relationship between the action of the gland and the correct nutrition and development of tissues, therefore it would be important to establish this relationship not by an observational, but by a purely experimental way: that is, to put the animal in observed by observers conditions (loss of function of the gland) and see if we get the described phenomena (trophic disorders). With this goal in the course of 1896, in the laboratory of the highly respected Professor V.M. Bekhterev, I undertook a number of experiments aimed at finding out the influence of the function of the thyroid gland on the development of growing animal tissues of the body, mainly bone and nervous, as the most interested in the manifestations of cretinism.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):72-131
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A typical case of syphilitic spinal cord injury

Yanishevsky A.


There is not a single poison, not a single infection that would produce such a variety of changes in the body as syphilis. Not a single organ is guaranteed against this terrible scourge of modern humanity. More syphilis does not spare the central nervous system, which, thanks to the modern conditions of life, is a locus mi-noris resistentiae. Damaging this organ, it produces an extremely variegated picture of both pathological and anatomical changes and clinical manifestations and course, depending on the diversity of the nature of the process, very different localization, speed or slowness of development.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):132-140
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Anatomical examination of the external bundle of the base of the cerebral peduncle (the so-called Türck bundle)

Gerver A.V.


Not a single human organ, as well as higher animals, presents such a difficulty in studying as the brain and spinal cord. Each section of the central nervous system, even relatively insignificant in size, is an independent anatomical unit and requires a detailed and accurate study.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):141-161
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Auditory pathways

Larionov V.E.


Until the eighties of the present century, anatomists and neuropathologists developed the question of the endings of the auditory nerves in the medulla oblongata, expressing at the same time many different assumptions about the origins of them in various places of this brain, for them a different number of roots and ascribing to them all possible directions.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):162-203
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Experimental research of the memory of sound impressions

Girshberg N.


The purpose of this work is to explore memory in relation to the pitch, depending on the different time intervals that flow between the two compared tones. Just as many other conditions affect the memory of tones, such as: duration, position and intensity of the tone, the absolute difference of the compared tones, individual characteristics and skill of the studied, then all these conditions must be made constant, the same must be changed at the same time, it must research.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):204-227
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Ophthalmoplegia with periodic raising and lowering of the upper eyelid and with a kind of visual illusion

Bekhterev V.M.


Combined eye paralysis, known by the name ophthalmoplegia, has long attracted the attention of clinicians and has already collected and published a lot of observations related to this suffering, due to which there is an extensive clinical material in this relation. At the same time, individual observations of eye paralysis are still of vital scientific interest in many respects. In view of this, we will focus on the case below, which, among many others, presented itself to my observation and which, in my opinion, deserves special attention.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):228-237
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Prof. D-r Н. Oppenheim. Lehrbuch der Nervenkrankheiten für Aerzte und Studirende. Mit 287 Abbildungen. Zweite wesentlich vermehrte Auflage. Berlin, 1893. Pr. M. 23

Vorotynskiy B.I.


Published by the second German edition (the first edition was published in 1894), the guidance of prof. The Oppenheim on Nervous Diseases is currently one of the most extensive and complete since the Gowers' leadership.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):238-238
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D-r Arnold Pick. Beiträge zur Pathologie und pathologischen Anatomie des Cetralnervensystems mit Bemerkungen zur normalen Anatomie desselben. Mit 205 Abbildungen. Berlin, 1898. Pr. M. 12

Vorotynskiy B.I.


The author's book is a collection of clinical observations, some of which were already published by the author in various periodicals, and some remained unpublished.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):239-239
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Dr. S. Sukhanov. Contribution à l'étude des modifications des cellules nerveuses de l'écorce cerébrale dans l'anemie expérimentale. —Journal de neurologie. Avril, 1898

Yanishevskiy A.


Over the past time, a large number of works have appeared aimed at studying the finest structure of nervous cells in various physiological and pathological states. These studies gave impetus mainly to the Nissl method, which allowed to penetrate a little deeper into the structure of the body of the cell.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):239-240
pages 239-240 views

Prof. V.M.Bekhterev. Further observation of the fear of blushing. - Review of psychiatry, neurology and experimental psychology. No. 5. 1898

Yanishevskiy A.


The author cites one more case of erythrophobia related to women. The diagnosis of the disease is based on letters from abroad to the author, where the patient pours out all the bitterness of her existence from the inability to appear anywhere in people, so as not to experience an immediate attack of fear, because of which there is a reddening.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):240-241
pages 240-241 views

Prof. Goldscheider und D-r Flatau. Normale und pathologische Anatomie der Nervenzellen auf Grund der neueren Forschungen. Berlin, 1898. (Mit 8 Abbildungen im Text und 7 Tafeln)

Tsvetaev A.A.


The question of the normal and pathological histology of nerve cells is increasingly occupying the minds of specialists-researchers of different countries. Despite the fact that the results obtained do not yet make it possible to talk about them, as about the last word in this area of ​​knowledge, the work on combining the accumulated material is not the same. So Nissl gives in his work about hypotheses of the functions of nerve cells; In such a form, a particular question appears about the recovery of sick motor cells (after cutting the nerve fiber, in case of poisoning with poison), etc. Some authors ask themselves the question of facilitating further work, carefully collecting the existing literature. The last one includes, by the way, the work of Dr. Muravyov (Russian Archives of Pathology, etc. 1897. December), as well as the work written out above by Prof. Goldscheider and Dr. Flatau.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):241-244
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Хроника и смѣсь

Chronicle and mix. Volume VI, No. 3 (1898)

Nikolaev V.V.


In February month s. Mr. G.A.Klyachkin opened a hydrotherapy clinic in Kazan. There is an office for treatment with electricity and massage at the Healing Center. The hospital is supplied with all the aids necessary for hydrotherapy and treatment with electricity and massage, according to modern science guidelines. The massage is supervised by a special doctor and a midwife-masseuse. Patients in the hospital use common baths (ordinary, mineral, electric, steam), wipes, wrapped in simple, local baths. In the soul department there is a common soul (Charcot soul, circular, etc.) and various local souls. The free, in need of treatment with water, electricity and massage, are used on an outpatient basis. In addition, according to the statute of the hospital, patients can also be admitted for inpatient treatment. For this, the number of beds for the first time is limited to two, while the number of them is supposed to be increased in the present.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):246-252
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Letter to Editor

A few words about the article by Dr. Osipov: "Long-term research in the area of the central endings of the X-th pair of cranial nerves"

Klyachkin G.A.


Dr. Osipov, in the named article, concerns, by the way, my work related to the same issue, and expresses an opinion that completely disagrees with my conclusions regarding n. ambiguus and connections between roots and nuclei n. vagi.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):244-245
pages 244-245 views

Annals of society

Chronicle of the society of neuropathologists and psychiatrists at the imperial Kazan University. Protocol of the meeting of the Society on March 8, 1898

Popov N.M.


It was chaired by prof. H. M. Popov, with the secretary V. V. Nikolaev; attended by: honorary member of the island I.M.Dogel, acting members: K.V. Voroshilov, HA Mislavsky, N. A. Tolmachev, I. G. Savchenko, N. I. Naumov, B. I. Vorotynsky, A. E. Yanishevskiy, G. A. Klyachkin; guests: Dr. Egorov, Tsvetaev, Elinson, Lentsner, Favorskiy, Segel, Martynov and about 120 people of the public.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):253-255
pages 253-255 views

Chronicle of the society of neuropathologists and psychiatrists at the imperial Kazan University. Protocol of appointment April 26, 1898

Popov N.M.


It was chaired by prof. N.M. Popov, under the secretary of V.V. Nikolaev. Present: Honorary Member K. A. Arnshtein, acting members: N. A. Mislavskiy, K. V. Voroshilov, A. M. Fortunatov, G. A. Klyachkin, B. I. Vorotynskiy, A. E. Yanishevskiy, guests , Dr.: Pervushin, Mozhaev, Favorskiy and human about 15 people.

Neurology Bulletin. 1898;VI(3):255-255
pages 255-255 views

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