Mechanism of target search and information collection on scientometrical indicators as a support tool of managing solutions in formation of personnel reserve of the university

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In this paper vision of the personnel management system of the university is presented. Subsystem of planning, searching and selection of scientific and pedagogical personnel is considered separately. The effective practices of attracting leading scientists and talented youth to work at the University are listed. The analysis of the main criteria for assessing the individual performance of scientific and pedagogical employees. As a support tool of managerial decisions at the stage of search and selection of scientific and pedagogical personnel, a mechanism and implementing its software has been developed, which allows automating a time-consuming process of collecting information and database filling about prospective job seekers. The choice of input parameters of search procedures is based on the modern requirements of the higher education system of the Russian Federation to the effectiveness of universities and personal performance of scientific and pedagogical employees of these organizations. The described mechanism allows real – time search and collection of information from open official Internet resources. The search procedure consists of two stages. At the end of the first stage, a database of scientists – potential candidates for vacant positions, the area of scientific interests of which lies in a given direction. As a result of the second stage, the primary data are supplemented with scientometric indicators of their activities. Received information allows to fully assess the scientific potential of the scientist and can be used not only for the formation of the personnel reserve of the organization, but also in making decisions on the development of a dissertation councils network of the University.

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E. Y. Chekotilo

Samara State Technical University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

O. Y. Kichigina

Saint Petersburg state marine technical university

Russian Federation




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