Vol 25, No 1 (2017)


Automated process control system design for thermochemical dehydration based on neural network

Artyushkin I.V., Maximov A.E.


Problems appearing while controlling thermochemichal oil emulsion dehydration are shown. System analysis of thermochemichal oil emulsion dehydration process is made. Main control and controllable parameters are found. Adaptive control system with master model is introduced. Artificial neural network trained on experimental data and reproducing it in operating range of the thermochemichal oil emulsion dehydration process is proposed. Effectiveness of oil emulsion separation with considering both preassigned and actual initial oil humidity is controlled. Also actual flow rate and oil emulsion temperature for dehydration are controlled.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):7-15
pages 7-15 views

Probabilistic algorithm for the verification of the location of fragments with consideration of relative placement in a series of images

Burtsev I.A.


The paper considers algorithm of the verification for a specific fragments in a series of images, using the distance between required fragments, and its mathematical model. Algorithm allow uniquely identify the current location of the camera. The main software modules and information links between them are considered. The experimental research results of developed algorithm as a part of the specific fragments search system are introduced. The effectiveness of the use of the developed algorithm in the search system based on experimental time and probability is estimated. The conclusion on use expediency of the developed unit in the computer vision systems is made.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):16-23
pages 16-23 views

Actor-critic method in mobile cyber-physical systems control problem

Patkin M.L.


A synthesis procedure of neural network agent that is resistant to stochastic environmental changes that implement the control in the problem of prosecution for mobile cyber-physical system as Dubins Car is considered. Synthesis of neural network agent asked to produce by training “Actor-Critic” neural network. A computer model of training and testing agent for various parameters Dubins car and environment is developed. A comparison between the suggested method and the greedy algorithm for the various cases of victims’ parameters as well as for the cases with different Dubins Car parameters is made. The visualization of outputs of the Actor neural network that showed how a responsive neural network on the environment is performed.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):24-30
pages 24-30 views

Semi-Markov model of unreliable restorable redundant loss one-server queueing system

Peschansky A.I.


The object of research is one-server unreliable loss queueing system. The server can fail while customer service. Then immediately server restoration begins. The customer service continues due to time redundancy which is a random variable. If time redundancy is enough to complete the service, the service goes on and the next customer is taken into service after the end of restoration only. If time redundancy is not enough to complete the service, the customer is lost and does not arrive again, the next customer is taken into service after the end of restoration. Stationary characteristics of the queueing system are obtained under the assumption that all the random variables describing the system have distributions of general type.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):31-42
pages 31-42 views

The analysis of inaccuracy of the methods of the active and reactive power and powers factor measurement on instant signal samplings

Karpova N.E.


In the paper the methods of accuracy of the active and reactive power determination are investigated, as well as power factor of periodic signal on instant voltage and current samplings. The analysis of different methods of the measurement of the integral parameters of periodic signal is considered. The results of inaccuracy estimation of the method are given because of the deviation of real signal from harmonic model. Dependence error diagrams from phase shift angle are shown between the first tension harmonics, current and additional time interval duration. Integral characteristic errors depend on time interval which allows to increase the measurement accuracy by this parameter choice. The obtained results allow to choose use method area by means of harmonic signal composition.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):43-51
pages 43-51 views

Data acquisition system for multidetector chromatography

Saifullin R.T., Aleksandrov S.S.


The process of signals formation in multidetector chromatography system is considered. Stages of the results obtaining of the qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex mixtures are defined. Specific features of primary processing of chromatograms, with reference to the multidetector chromatography are noted. An algorithm for separating the superposed signals in order to increase the reliability of determination of the substance composition is described. The technique for comparison (differentiation) multidetector chromatograms corresponding to different samples to determine their identity is presented. The realization of data acquisition system for multidetector chromatographic complex is considered. The various options for serial and parallel placement of the GC detectors is analyzed.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):52-60
pages 52-60 views

Determination of dependence between generators number reside in work, load ratio of power plant and electro-consumption of own needs CHPP

Vedernikov A.S., Balukova E.A.


The investigation is concerned with own needs CHPP. Electro-consumption of own need CHPP is necessary forecasted with minimum error. It is necessary identified the facts influence on electro-consumption of own needs power plant for making forecast model. Purpose of this work to announce determination of dependence between electro-consumption of own needs and factors, such asgenerators number reside in work, load ratio of power plant Quantitative and qualitative assessment are made by the use of generators number reside in work, load ratio of power plant and electro-consumption of own needs CHPPdiagrams and correlation coefficient. High dependency is determined between factors under inquiry for making forecast model.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):61-67
pages 61-67 views

Start explosion engines Starters with high-energy temperature dependent MAGNET

Gnutov S.K., Kazakov Y.B., Lazarev A.G., Shumilov Y.A.


The advanced electric starter system of internal combustion engines on the basis of starters with high-energy magnets with improved magnetic properties at low temperatures is developed. The mathematical models, structural and functional simulation schemes are investigated. The characteristics of the system start-up using the results of calculations of non-stationary magnetic and thermal fields at different start temperatures are developed. The results of calculations and experiments confirm the improvement of dynamic characteristics of the start-up system at low temperatures. High-temperature of magnets during three start attempts and in emergency conditions does not exceed the maximum allowable values.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):68-77
pages 68-77 views

calculation and comparative analysis of current shortage of power transformers innovative design

Inahodova L.M., Andreev A.Y., Kazantzev A.A.


New more advanced and efficient power transformers compared with existing designs for applications in distribution networks and Russian power systems are considered. The calculation of some emergency operation networks of 10 kV and 20 kV with new designs of transformers in the scheme of the existing electrical network is made. A comparative analysis of the calculated resistance of transformers of various designs and short-circuit currents on the buses of high and low voltage is done. The need to address the problems of increasing short-circuit current in the application of modern energy-efficient designs of power transformers is stated.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):78-84
pages 78-84 views

Multilevel hierarchic optimization of the voltage modes in a power-supply-system at an oil-and-gas production enterprise

Nurbosynov D.N., Tabachnikova T.V.


The optimization method of the voltage level in hierarchic rank from electrical complex of an oil well till a large knot electrical power supply is developed. A new analytical dependences and goal function considering a variable days curve of the consumption of active and reactive power are received. This method assumes the calculation of losses of the electric energy in the stable working modes of an electrical substation in a gas-and-oil industry allowing to define losses of electric energy at all hierarchical levels of electric network. The offered method of level optimization of electrical voltage significantly reduces labor input of calculations and increases reliability of the received results because the actual daily schedules of electricity consumption are used of the research object as the initial information.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):85-95
pages 85-95 views

Eddy current probe operation optimization for weld seal control in pipeline systems

Steblev Y.I., Sizova N.A., Susarev S.V., Dusmukhambetov R.K.


The paper reviews aspects corresponding to the simulation for parametric and transformer converter with U-shape core. Optimization performance analysis of converters for nondestructive weld seal testing was done. Due to eddy current probe optimal operation analytical form for detection of resistor value in power supply source of current winding in eddy current probe was found. Analytic expression for output signal of performance and transformer converter in monitor object’s magnetic resistance were carried out. Transformer converter settings algorithm was presented.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):96-102
pages 96-102 views

Research of the mass transfer in a gas phase during vapor condensation with incondensable component

Kryuchkov D.A., Grigoryan L.G., Lesukhin M.S.


The experimental results of a mass gas phase transfer research during vapor condensation with incondensable component are given. This process passed in a vessel with vertical contact grids (FCCG) was carried out. Experimental mixtures contained various concentrations of incondensable component. Experimental results were compared with known data on condensation on horizontal pipes. Incondensable component has a weak influence on condensation process. The results show the perspectives of FCCG.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):103-108
pages 103-108 views

Receiving and research of the analytical solution of the cable equation for conductors with the distributed parameter

Kudinov I.V.


On the basis of a method of variables separation the exact analytical solution of a telegraph equation concerning tension for the long line with uniformly distributed parameters is received (inductance, resistance, capacities and leak of electricity through insulation). Researches of the decision allowed to draw a conclusion that movement of an electricity in the conductor happens in a wave mode, at the front which watches voltage surge (current intensity). Existence of a saltus testifies to the infinite value of a potential gradient of required function in this point. After achievement the wave front of the opposite end of the conductor watches backward wave with a saltus of an opposite sign. Eventually the vibration amplitude of straight lines and backward waves decreases up to total attenuation of oscillatory process. In case of some great values of the pure resistance spasmodic voltage variation is watched only in case of small values of time on initial sections of the conductor and stops before timepoint in case of which the wave front reaches the opposite end of the conductor. With increase in time tension on the conductor's length monotonically (without saltuses) decreases up to establishment of an equilibrium (stationary) status when tension in all points of the conductor is identical and invariable in time.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):109-121
pages 109-121 views

Model predictive control for building temperature regulation

Maryasin O.Y., Kolodkina A.S.


The paper deals with the problem of energy efficient thermal management of buildings. The approach based on the decomposition of the general task into two subtasks is proposed. Top level task is to determine the optimal amount of heat required to maintain the desired thermal regime of the building. The object of the lower level is the generation of heat by changing the heat medium parameters (temperature, flow rate). To solve the problem of the upper level the use of MPC-approach is proposed. To implement this approach mathematical models of the thermal regime of buildings and the heating system were developed. As a result comparison of different control algorithms that provides the best quality control and the highest energy efficiency is found by the use of MPC-controllers.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):122-132
pages 122-132 views

Mathematic simulation of heat and mass transferprocessin the reaction element of thermochemical heat recovery system

Pashchenko D.I., Chastikova O.L., Mihedov A.A.


The paper deals with the most common causes of reducing the efficiency of high temperature thermal technology installations and ways of its increase. One of the ways of heat regeneration - thermochemical regeneration was introduced. A diagram of the reactionary element of thermochemical heat regenerationsystem was shown and as well as the way of its works. The system of differential equations for non-stationary process in a thermochemical reactor was considered and assumptions were made for them. Analysis of chemical kinetics equations was made, and the factors influencing the course of the mechanism of methane conversion were considered. The paper examines numerical results of the simulation showing the temperature distribution of the heating flue gases on the length of the reaction element, the rate and extent of methane conversion, and average value of heat imbalance.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):133-142
pages 133-142 views

Interaction of porous Ti3SiC2 MAX-phase with Ni melt in SHS process

Latukhin E.I., Amosov A.P., Borisov D.V., Ryabov A.M., Novikov V.A., Illarionov A.Y.


A possibility was studied to create a composite material by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS), which consist of porous Ti3SiC2 MAX-phase structure, impregnated with a nickel. To synthesize the porous Ti3SiC2 skeleton, a SHS charge was used consisting of the initial mixture of powders of titanium, silicon and carbon (soot) in a ratio 3Ti + 1,25Si + 2C. Nickel for impregnating the Ti3SiC2 skeleton was introduced in three versions: the first - with the addition of nickel powder in the SHS charge, the second - in the form of a briquette pressed from nickel powder, between two briquettes pressed from the SHS charge, and in the third - similar to the second version, but with the barrier layers of paper between the nickel briquette and briquettes of the SHS charge. Using X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive analysis, it was found that in all three cases the presence of nickel melt prevents the formation of the MAX-phase of Ti3SiC2, reducing its amount or completely destroying it. This was explained by the high reactivity of liquid phase of nickel relative to titanium at elevated temperatures, leading to the formation of intermetallic phase NiTi instead of MAX-phase. When large amounts of nickel, the synthesized product consists of titanium carbide TiC, titanium nickelide NiTi and nickel Ni. In case of a small amount of nickel, intermetallic compound bounds only a portion of titanium, and the remainder goes to the formation of titanium-containing MAX phase, and titanium carbide. Thus, in the investigated conditions, the SHS process was unable to produce a skeleton composite Ti3SiC2-Ni.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):143-152
pages 143-152 views

Measuring x-ray-graphical parameters of quartz for standardless quick assessment of mineral contents

Pescov A.V., Olkhovskaya V.A.


Results of determining a perfection level of a quartz group mineral lattice pattern through the quantitative X-ray diffraction method are given here. Crystallinity indexes that correlate with a perfection level are obtained; their dependence on structural diffraction parameters is defined as well. Corundum coordination numbers for quartz of various genesis are calculated in order to promptly clarify the mineralogical composition of oil rocks and mechanical admixtures in well streams.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):153-164
pages 153-164 views

Self-propagating hihg-temperature synthesis of FeAl-Fe3Al-Al2O3-TiC composite granules

Yatsenko I.V., Samboruk A.R., Kuznets E.A.


Granules of FeAl-Fe3Al-Al2O3-TiC composite are obtained by the method of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS). The characteristics of the starting mixture components, a method of granules preparing and laboratory installation for synthesis are described. The reaction products formed at different ratios of the initial charge of pellets are investigated. The optimal composition of the reaction mixture is determined. The reaction products were investigated using X-ray diffraction, microstructure and elemental analysis. The mechanism of the composite formation process is described on the basis of the reaction products analyze. The obtained granules were milled using a cone-inertial crusher and a ball mill. The dynamics of milling the resulting granules to prepare a powder is shown in this paper. The optimal time of pellets milling to produce a composite powder is determined.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):165-173
pages 165-173 views

Simulation of the temperature field of flow with variable velocity in Simulink

Danilushkin I.A., Kavkaev K.V.


The paper considers the problem of simulation the temperature distribution of a flow moving with variable velocity. The temperature distribution of the flow is described by a first-order hyperbolic equation. A numerical model of the temperature distribution of the flow is obtained using the spectral theory. An approach to implementing the model in a computer simulation package for nonlinear dynamic systems is proposed. The comparison results between obtained model and exact analytical solutions, taken for a constant velocity, are shown.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):174-178
pages 174-178 views

Key problems during use induction heaters

Zimin L.S., Yeghiazaryan A.S.


The main problems in the design, electrical equipment, power supply and operation of the equipment for induction heating are shown. The longitudinal and transverse edge effects are analyzed. Electromagnetic phenomena during induction heating is considered. The peculiarities of the three-phase inductors both in terms of heating uniformity, and electromagnetic compatibility of induction heaters with power supply system are shown. Optimization recommendations of the power supply system in industry with induction electro thermal units are given. The calculation method of the inductors used in the rolling and forging industry are analyzed. The advantages of the electromagnetic induction use at aluminum alloys heating are given. The integrated approach to the design of the induction heating equipment is shown.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):179-182
pages 179-182 views

Differentiation of objects of storage of oil-containing wastes of the samara region on the basis of comparative evaluation of their resource values

Kashirskikh D.V.


The paper is devoted to the problem of comparative evaluation of the resource value of storage facilities for oil-containing wastes on the basis of the analysis of data on the physico-chemical composition of waste in order to differentiate resource sources in the analyzed group. The application of DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) method allows to obtain a relative estimation of the resource value, i.e. it determines effectiveness of each particular object from the point of view of secondary use with respect to all other objects of the analyzed set. An example of the application of the developed methodology to the problem of comparative evaluation of the resource value of a group consisting of twelve waste storage facilities of the oil refining industry in Samara region is given.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):183-188
pages 183-188 views

Converter of angle body rotation in space

Korganova O.G.


To measure the rotation on of object in space by a certain angle different devices may be used. One of them is developed at the Department of Measure Techniques of Samara State Technical University. It contains four diaphragm placed in a chamber in which the ball is located made of insulating material. In the initial object position, the ball presses on one of the diaphragms and only touches the others. Then as the spatial position of the body and the transducer changes, the ball will press on a particular diaphragm bending it and the strain gauges on the other side of the diaphragm redistributing the force vector of gravity of the ball to the ground between the diaphragms. By these forces the angle of body relative to the horizon is determined by the use of the processing information system.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):189-192
pages 189-192 views

Optimization of operation mode of distribution networks with oil industry active-adaptive elements

Kubarkov Y.P., Makarov Y.V., Golubeva K.A.


Power supply most of the consumers is done by the use of the radial electric networks in which the main drawback is the presence of a single power supply. One of the unloading measures of the busiest network elements is to reduce the power consumption by the local power generation by means of the use of distributed generation. Such measures lead to the introduction of active-adaptive elements. The process of using active-adaptive elements can be carried out through a variety of optimization (algorithms) methods. In this paper the use of the evolutionary algorithm is considered namely, the example of the optimization of radial distribution network with one of the most advanced classes of evolutionary algorithm the genetic algorithm.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):193-197
pages 193-197 views

Development and research of new fuel combustion system of pyrolysis furnace, based on burners of type AGG-3M

Pechnikov A.S., Pechnikov S.A.


In order to increase the efficiency, reliability and safety of the tube furnaces of existing pyrolysis units of large unit capacity, a new fuel combustion system based on serially produced AGG-3M burners has been developed. The new scheme for placing burners on the radiating walls of the hearth is proposed. Comparative surveys of the existing system and the proposed new fuel combustion system were carried out which showed the effectiveness of the measures taken for modernization of the furnace.
Vestnik of Samara State Technical University. Technical Sciences Series. 2017;25(1):198-204
pages 198-204 views

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