Vol 3, No 1 (2006)


Pulse wave velocity and elastic features of magistral arteries: factors, affecting their mechanical properties and possibilities of their diagnostic evaluation

Ilyukhin O.V., Lopatin Y.M.


The paper presents a digest of methods of evaluation of pulse wave velocity and their clinical signifi cance.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):3-9
pages 3-9 views

Syndrome of the vertebral artery in vertebrogenicpathology of cervical region of the vertebral column

Zinovieva G.A., Babanina L.P.


The paper presents recent literary data on the diagnostics and treatment of vertebral artery disorders due to osteochondrosis in the cervical region of the vertebral column.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):9-13
pages 9-13 views

On surgical treatment of infectious endocarditiswith septic foci in abdominal organs

Shumakov V.I., Shumakov D.V., Mukha A.V., Gontchatov P.N.


The article presents results of simultaneous surgical treatment of infectious endocarditis and purulent foci in the spleen.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):14-16
pages 14-16 views

Pathokinesis of venous cerebral blood circulationdisturbances

Todua F.I., Kortushvili M.G., Verulashvili I.V., Berulava D.V.


Timely diagnosis of cerebral venous blood circulation disturbances plays an imporlani role in the management of cerebral vascular pathology. The objective of this work was to correlate the clinical and structural-functional data of cerebral venous ishaemia which at Neurology Department of Central Clinic of Tbilisi State Medical Universily and. Reseach Institute of Medical Radiology (neurology investigation, doppler ultrasound and neuroimaging of 833 patients). Summing up the results of correlate comparison we conclude that sonography of cerebral vessels, supported by data of clinical and neuroimaging investigation can detect various disturbances of blood circulation.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):17-19
pages 17-19 views

Efficiency of treatment of chronic heart failurewith basis medications in aged patients accordingto their renal functional condition

Statsenko M.E., Sporova O.E., Belenkova S.V., Ivanova D.A., Ksennikova N.V.


Renal dysfunction in patients with post-infarction chronic heart failure (CHF) is associated with activation of sympathetic autonomic nervous system, with the increased number of patients with unfavourable type of remodeling of the heart. The efficiency of the therapy in elderly patients with CHF depends on the influence of basis treatment of CHF on the renal function.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):19-25
pages 19-25 views

Diastolic disfunction in patientS with diaBetes mellitus type I: influence of disease duration and carbohydrate metabolism compensation

Kondratchenko M.Y.


Early diagnostics of diastolic dysfunction in patients with diabetes mellitus is of primary significance. The present paper evaluates the influence of compensation of carbohydrate metabolism in patients with diabetes mellitus type I on intracardiac haemodynamics. In 153 patients with the diabetes mellitus significant changes of intracardiac blood flow in diastole was revealed.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):25-28
pages 25-28 views

Indications for the surgical treatment and outcomes of surgery operations in various carotid diseases

Ponomarev E.A., Ganichkin S.A., Motchailo Y.A., Vinogradov O.P., Krainov D.A., Maskin S.S.


The paper presents modern trends in treatment of carotid artery pathology using surgery and analyses the results of treatment and most common complications.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):28-32
pages 28-32 views

Remote results of surgical treatment of acutevaricothrombophlebitis in the area of the greatsaphenous magna vein(quantitative and qualitative analysis)

Shatalov A.V.


The quantitive and qualitative analysis of remote results of urgent radical phlebectomy for acute superficial thrombophlebitis, using CEAP classification and specific health-related quality of the life questionnaire for chronic venous insufficiency (CIVIQ), has been carried out. The results show that the proposed method, besides its high clinical efficiency, provides a marked life quality improvement; therefore it can be recommended as a method of the first choice for acute superficial varicothrombophlebitis management.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):32-38
pages 32-38 views

Comparison of efficacy of surgery and medicationtreatment of patients with vertebro-basillaryinsufficiency

Zinovieva G.A., Metelkina L.P.


The paper presents a comparative analysis of surgical and conservative methods of treatment of patients with vertebro-basillary insufficiency. Effectiveness of surgical treatment was demonstrated in 85% of patients under investigation.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):38-42
pages 38-42 views

Effect of quinapril on endothelial disfunction of arteriesand functional condition of callicreine-kinine systemin patients with arterial hypertension

Vorobiov S.V., M ishina E.V., Siritzina J.V., Gusova Z.R., Egorova N.A.


The effect of quinapril on endothelial disfunction of arteries and functional condition of callicreine-kinine system in 38 patients with arterial hypertension was shown in the study. It was demonstrated that in patients with arterial hypertension endothelial disfunction is related to the changes in the system of the enzymatic cascade of bradikinine accumulation. The combined effect of studied indices on the developing endothelial disfunction in patients with arterial hypertension was significant. Estimation of prognostic value of changes in the callicreine-kinine system components in patients with arterial hypertension revealed that a decrease of precallicreine concentration in endothelial lesions is the most significant factor. In patients with arterial hypertension changes of vasodilating endothelium function were associated with the restoration of activity of callicreine-kinine system.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):41-45
pages 41-45 views

Arterial hypertension in children and teenagerswith obesity and metabolic syndrome accordingto the results of daily blood pressure monitoring

Bekezin V.V., Kozlova L.V.


In the article it is shown, that occurrence of various forms of arterial hypertension (АH) in children with obesity and hypothalamic syndrome is associated with the degree of insulin resistance. "A white dressing gown" hypertension was registered 2,5 times more often among children with obesity without insulin resistance while liable and stable forms of AH - 2,8 times more often in children with a metabolic syndrome. It is necessary to include children with obesity and "a white dressing gown" АH, in the group of high risk of true АH development. In children and teenagers with metabolic syndrome and with AH stable forms marked changes of сircadian rhythm of the arterial pressure (AP) indicated a decrease in AP at night (nondippers) and a night hypertension (night-peakers). The data provide evidence of cardiovascular system failure in regulation of a vascular tone when accompanied by pronounced insulin resistance.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):45-49
pages 45-49 views

Specifics of treatment of chronic cardiac failurein aged patients

Platonova N.A.


Inclusion of betimil into the basic therapy of patients with chronic cardiac failure improves quality of life of aged patients.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):49-50
pages 49-50 views

Pharmacodynamics of betimil and riboxin in patientswith chronic cardiac failure

Platonova N.A.


Evidence-based approach has proved that inclusion of betimil into the treatment of patients with cardiac failure decreases the functional class of the disease more effectively than riboxin.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):50-51
pages 50-51 views

On predictors of an acute course of gestational pyelonephritis

Glibochko P.V., Mikhailov I.V., Chekhonatskaya M.L., Hrabrov T.Y.


The purpose of the research was to define some factors influencing the course of pyelonephritis in pregnancy. We have studied 95 pregnant patients with pyelonephritis. Clinical, microbiological and immunological methods of research have been used in examination of the patients. Distinctions in etiology of disease, parameters of cellular immune status, serum level of Interleukin-1-beta, Interleukin-8, Interleukin-4, Interleukin-10 and Interferon-gamma, colon bacterial microflora in pregnant patients with recurrent course of pyelonephritis were evaluated.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):51-55
pages 51-55 views

justification of structure and antimicrobic activityof granules containing isoniazid and etambutolehydrochloride

Ovcharenko L.P., Kompantseva E.V., Ushakova V.A., Kuznetsova L.S.


Research on development of the granules providing prolonged release of isoniazid and etambutole hydrochloride from a medical product was carried out for the purpose of improving the care of out-patients. During research the auxiliary substance and a dampener are chosen, the optimum structure of a medical product is developed.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):55-59
pages 55-59 views

Somatotypes and variants of development of children in the second childhood period among citizens of southern Russia

Sokolov V.V., Tchaplygina E.V., Sokolova N.G.


Distribution according to different somatotypes was studied in children aged 8-11 (girls) and 8-12 (boys).. These somatotypes are based on the body weight, body height, development of muscle and adipose tissue.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):59-62
pages 59-62 views

Social aspects of sensoneural deafness

Shakhova E.G.


Sensoneural deafness is a socially significant disease. Special questionnaires are recommended for evaluation of psycho-emotional condition of the patients and to provide proper treatment to the patients.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):62-66
pages 62-66 views

Factors effecting efficiency of medical aid and qualityof life in patients with epilepsy

Karasy A.Y., Voskresenskaya O.N.


The results studing the factors affecting the effectiveness of qualified help to the epileptic patients, the revealed typical mistakes in treatment tactics, patients' quality of life, as well as testing neurologist on the questions of diagnostics and treatment of the epileptic patients made it possible to propose fundamental ways of reorganising the antiepileptic service with an orientation towards common European standards of health care to epileptic people.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):66-69
pages 66-69 views

Morphological substantiation of preventionof periodontal inflammation with biological methodsof treatment of pulpitis

Grechishnicov V.V.


The author of this article proposes biological methods of treatment of pulpitis as a preventive measure against inflammation in periodontal tissues. Comparative analysis of calcium-phosphate medications with different composition in treatment of experimental traumatic pulpitis with pulp protection in experimental animals (dogs) is provided. This investigation shows a high efficiency of medications comprising hydroxyapatite and tri-calcium-phosphate as a preventive measure against periodontal inflammation.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):69-72
pages 69-72 views

Memory disorders in patients with ischemic insult during early reconstructive period

Sidorova S.A.


170 patients with ischemic stroke with similar cognitive and educational levels were examined. Pharma-cotherapy with peptides and electrostimulation of the stroke directed to improvement of both memory and thinking were taken into consideration. Luria and Benton test, Meily test; evaluation of the audio-verbal, declarative, semantic, long-term kinds of memory were applied. It is shown that remembering of the new information concerning verbal names was worse in patients with mediobasal, frontal and temporal location of the stroke and depended on clinical manifestations of disorders.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):72-74
pages 72-74 views

Markers of endotoxicosis and antioxidative defence system in experimental pancreonecrosis

Morozov S.V., Dolgikh V.T., Poluektov V.L.


The objective of the research was to justify indications for application of antioxidants during experimental pancreonecrosis on the basis of estimation of intensity of lipid peroxidation processes and the condition of antioxidant system. Erythrocytes, plasma, blood serum, tissues of pancreas and liver of dogs were used as substrates for the research. Ten healthy animals constituted the control group. The comparison groups were ten animals with the experimental pan-creonecrosis (12 hours for the 2nd group (5 dogs), 24 hours for the 3rd group (5 dogs). During all periods of the research in blood, tissues of pancreas and liver intensification of processes of lipid peroxidation and rise of the content of toxins of average molecular weight against a background of suppression of the antioxidant system were observed. In the liver tissue of the 3rd group dogs there was an increase of the glutathione content to initial level. A leading role of this organ in antioxidants supply by means of their synthesis and in lipid peroxidation regulation has been proved.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):74-77
pages 74-77 views

Monoclonal antibodies against antigens of CoxiellaBurnetii: development, characteristics and perspectivesof application in laboratory diagnostics of Qu fever

Prokhvatilova E.V., Khrapova N.P., Lebedev V.N., Ionov S.N., Kharchenko V.A., Tchourkin I.A., Plekha-nova N.G., Tikhonov S.N., Shumakevich G.V., Erasova N.A., Belitskaya L.I.


The collection of hybridomas (7 types) producing monoclonal antibodies (MA) by fusion of cells of mice myeloma of line P3-X63-Ag.653 and splenocytes of BAL/c mice, immunized with antigens of I-II phase of C.burnetii has been developed. MA are directed at different epitomes, located on the antigen complexes of Coxiella burnetii. The characteristics of MA (specifity, activity) have been studied using ELISA and FIA; perspectives of their application for the laboratory diagnostics of QU fever are discussed.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):77-80
pages 77-80 views

Arterial hypertension in pregnancy: special featuresof control and antihypertensive therapy

Stacenko M.E., Turkina S.V.


The paper presents practical recommendations on diagnostics and treatment of arterial hypertention in pregnant women. Special emphasis is on early diagnostics and methods of prevention of complications.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):81-85
pages 81-85 views

Intercultural dialogue in medicine through a prismof relations between dictors and patients

Levitskaya A.G.


Physicians should consider cultural and confessional traditions to avoid mistakes in general practice.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):86-88
pages 86-88 views

Unknown Vishnevsky(image of the great surgeon in creative work of prominent artists). Fragment of part 2 of the book "Surgery in Art". Dedicated to the 100th anniversary

Vorobiov A.A., Tumanov V.P., Petrova I.A.


The paper presents unknown episodes from the life of a great Russian surgeon Vishnevsky and his relations with the famous artists.
Journal of Volgograd State Medical University. 2006;3(1):89-92
pages 89-92 views

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