Vol 17, No 4 (2019)


Acceleration of tensor computations using the residual class system

Chervyakov N.I., Lyakhov P.A., Ionisyan A.S., Orazaev A.R.


The main scientific and practical barrier to the widespread dissemination of machine learning methods is the high computational complexity of tensor operations used in them. We propose a method for implementing tensor computations in a system of residual classes using table arithmetic for modular operations up to 8 bits wide, inclusive. Experimental modeling of the proposed method on FPGA Xilinx Spartan6 xc6slx9 showed that this method can be used to quickly organize computations when implementing tables on BRAM memory blocks. Modeling showed that the proposed approach allows us to accelerate the computations by a factor of two, compared with computations in the binary number system, which can be used to create hardware accelerators of tensor computations in practice.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):361-366
pages 361-366 views

Digital simulation of a multipath communication channel

Mishin D.V., Tyazhev A.I.


Digital mathematical models of a multipath radio channel are considered. A four-parameter distribution of the modulus and phase of the radio channel’s complex transmission coefcient is described within the framework of a general Gaussian radio-channel model. A scatter channel is characterized by a discrete multipath efect; therefore, the complex transmission coefcient of such a channel is represented as the sum of a fnite number of summands with fuctuating transmission coefcients and delays. The communication channel’s output signal is represented through quadrature components, which consider fuctuations in the transmission coefcients and delays in the communication channel. These components in the channels are formed by summing up a large number of summands when the requirements of the central limit theorem of probability theory are satisfed, and therefore they can be considered independent non-stationary Gaussian processes. Formulas are given that determine a procedure for signal simulation at the output of a multipath communication channel. It is shown that, using the four-parameter distribution of the received signal’s amplitudes and phases, it is possible to carry out the computer simulation of a multipath channel with any laws of signal depression in the radio communication channel.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):366-372
pages 366-372 views

The method of calculating the error probability per bit in the communication channels with block freeze-ups for the receiver with linear addition of soft solutions of the incoherent demodulator

Shevchenko V.A., Pashintsev V.P.


Expressions for the upper additive limit of error probability per bit in «incoherent» communication channels with coding and pseudo-random motion are defined at the use of metrics with linear addition of soft decisions of the demodulator in the conditions of influence of the block freezing causing grouping of errors. Expressions are specified for freeze-ups described by Rice, Nakagami-m and Nakagami-q distributions. Using the expressions obtained from the binary extended BCH codes, it is shown that with a given limit on the delay in the transfer of information codes length of 64, 128 provide a permissible error probability of 10-5 with respect to the «signal/noise» at the receiver input 16-18 dB and an energy gain of 3-4 dB compared to the code with eight-fold repetition.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):372-382
pages 372-382 views

Voltage induced on communication lines by magnetic feld of an overhead electric line in short-circuit conditions

Degtyarev N.M., Tsym A.Y.


Cable lines and overhead electric lines are often located near each other over a significant length. This circumstance determines the relevancy of the problem of their electromagnetic compatibility. A dangerous influence of overhead electric lines over communication lines occurs in short-circuit conditions of overhead electric lines. The influence of overhead electric lines over communication lines with taking the probability of a short circuit into account has been firstly examined in this article. It is shown that in a typical case, on a parallel path length of 20 km, the probability of short circuit is not more than 0.012, or, on average, no more than one damage in 83 years of operation of communication lines. It is noted that under the magnetic influence of overhead electric lines over communication lines, the calculated value of the induced pulse energy at the unit resistance Wsp(max) 2 [] ⋅ As is taken as the main rate parameter, and as an additional one is taken the value of the voltage induced on the circuit subject to influence.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):383-393
pages 383-393 views

Research and comparison of pairs of dual systems with hyper-Erlang and exponential distributions

Tarasov V.N.


This article presents the results of research on HE2/M/1 and M/HE2/1 mass service systems with hyper-Erlang and exponential input distributions. By Kendall’s definition, these systems belong to classes G/M/1 and M/G/1 respectively, and also form a dual pair. In the queueing theory, studies of such systems are relevant because they are actively used in the modern theory of teletraffic. The use of higher-order hyper-Erlang distributions to derive a solution for the average waiting time of requirements in the queue is difficult due to the increasing complexity of computation. For the hyperErlang distribution law, as well as for the hyperexponential law, the spectral decomposition method of the solution makes it possible to obtain a solution in its final form. The article presents the results of the spectral decomposition of the Lindley solution for HE2/M/1 and M/HE2/1 mass maintenance systems, as well as the computational formulas for the average waiting time of the requirements in the queue. The appropriateness of the obtained results is confirmed by the correctness of using the classical method of spectral decomposition and the results of numerical simulation. To derive the results, as well as for numerical calculations, the well-known method of moments of probability theory is used.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):394-399
pages 394-399 views

Machine learning for LTE network trafc prediction

Troshin A.V.


Predicting network traffic is key to resource management and next-generation network planning. Conventional traffic prediction was based on statistical autoregressive models, which found correlations between current and projected traffic levels. Such models have severe limitations, however; specifically, most of them only work on stationary statistics, which limits them to basic networks and slowly changing levels of incoming traffic. Most of the state-of-the-art networks, however, have a sophisticated structure and rapidly fluctuating traffic flows. Energetic efforts have recently been made to bring machine learning to bear on the limitations of conventional models and to improve predictions. The paper examines key machine learning solutions based on artificial neural networks versus conventional statistical approaches, as well as their practical applications for LTE network traffic prediction.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):400-407
pages 400-407 views

A virtual reality system functionality analysis method

Nesterova E.I.


Virtual reality solutions and systems are currently of great interest to users in various applications. Multimedia solutions include a wide spectrum of virtual reality system devices and accessories. A method is proposed to measure the functionality of Virtual reality system components based on a subjective expert survey of users. The method is unique in that it allows an evaluation system to be built (design intent, user preferences, subjective rating scales). The evaluation system customization functionality makes it possible to use this evaluation method irrespective of the current level of virtual reality technology and the design of virtual reality system components.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):407-412
pages 407-412 views

Using white noise generators for creating a protected VHF radio communication channel

Zotov K.N., Zhdanov R.R.


The article describes a method of creating a broadband radio channel protected from unauthorized access in the ultra-short wavelength range. Due to the large number of ultra-short-wavelength devices sold annually to the public, there is a need to protect the communication channel at short distances (in the same office, store, in warehouses, etc.) from accidental interference or targeted electronic warfare and industrial espionage. A cheap and effective way is to create a secure communication channel by introducing a white noise generator together with a filter that selects the necessary frequency for a whole range of heuristic criteria to solve real-world tasks. A feature of the operation of such a device will be that the generation of white noise will occur exclusively on the announced territory, without harmful interference to the population.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):412-419
pages 412-419 views

The research of uninterruptible power supplies with parallel connection of inverters and equivalent control

Osipov O.V., Geitenko A.E.


Telecommunication systems are powered by redundant plants, among which inverters and uninterruptible power supplies occupy the most important position. Converters based on parallelconnected pulse-width inverters allow redundancy without switching. For modeling and research of converters based on pulse-width inverters with equivalent control, a discrete-nonlinear model is proposed that has a higher adequacy in comparison with the linearized one. The model allows increasing the reliability of research results and expanding the number of investigated characteristics of the converter. Among the most important simulation results, it is necessary to highlight the influence of phase delays of the driving signal from the inverters, which lead to an uneven distribution of output currents of the inverters. Thereat the reactive power generated by inverters increases, and their energy efficiency decreases. To reduce the influence of such external action, it is proposed to increase feedback on the difference signal of the average current value of inverters and the actual current value of each inverter. Feedback depth is determined by the level of reactive power acceptable in inverters in practice.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):419-426
pages 419-426 views

Expert system applications for industryspecifc information security challenges

Kireeva N.V., Pozdnyak I.S., Filippov N.V.


The paper addresses the task of studying the parameters of a corporate information security audit. It proposes an expert system database architecture based on the national information security standards and various sectoral requirements. The standards are used to propose ways to populate the expert system’s database and the system’s modus operandi. It describes the distinctive features of expert system database population in compliance with sectoral requirements, which must provide for some questions and knowledge to be available in the database, which calls for vetting of the system’s database content for a specific industry. A user interface algorithm can be used in the context of data security assessment to identify an industry-specific component, which makes it possible to quantify risks and develop recommendations to secure the information system. It also proposes an inference engine design.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):427-433
pages 427-433 views

Probabilistic modeling of controlled chaos

Maslov O.N.


Chaos from the standpoint of complex systems theory and system analysis is considered as an object corresponding to the area of functioning of non-reflector complex system. The relevance of its study is explained by the entry into the triad «Managed Chaos - Hybrid War - Color Revolution». According to N.N. Moiseev, the sign of non-reflector complex system is the presence of a «human factor» in the form of decision-makers. Non-reflective complex systems are characterized by non-linear dynamics and unstable behavior, effects of self-organization in combination with chaotic phenomena and polyfurcations. Uncertainty in the knowledge of decision-makers about the properties of non-reflector complex system significantly complicates their management. For modeling chaotic processes in complex system, it is proposed to use the achievements of the probability theory: the objective probability theory of Laplace-Kolmogorov and the subjective probability theory of Bernoulli-Savage. Correspondence of the chaotic process to axioms of control is discussed.; the ontological model of the situation is presented, formed based on verified and axiological knowledge of the decisionmakers about the parameters and characteristics of complex system. The importance of structuring and formalizing the tasks associated with the study of chaotic processes in specific complex system is shown. The principles of modeling chaos with the use of analytical models of objective probability theory and heuristic models of subjective probability theory are described. The prospects of application of new information technologies for analysis and management of chaotic processes in non-reflector complex systems are noted.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):433-444
pages 433-444 views

Cases of foreign interference in advertising texts

Abramov V.E., Grigorash I.Y.


This article deals with the way English phrases and set expressions interfere in non-English advertising texts. The authors discuss the specific character of advertising slogans containing different forms of foreign inclusions, which serve various purposes, their main function being enhancing the impact on both the target and mixed audiences. Worldwide, most advertising is undoubtedly in English. An analysis of the formal statistic data related to the issue under discussion makes it possible to conclude that there are patterns in the formation, emergence, and spread of Anglicisms and Americanisms. This trend is regarded as the norm in the language, which indicates a direct connection between language and advertising.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):444-449
pages 444-449 views

Memristor electronics (are new textbooks needed?)

Galochkin V.A.


Some topical issues of developing the elemental base of electronics and circuitry in the field of telecommunications and television are considered. Due to the rapid development of nanotechnology, creating a promising elemental base of telecommunication devices is based on new materials, new devices and instruments for research. Examples of the development and use of new elements (memristors, flashristors and other devices) when applying the new principles for arranging memory cells, computers with higher speed and a new type of neural networks are provided. The model and features of the memristor functioning as a memory cell and as a logical element of digital circuitry are considered. The prospects for the development of memristor electronics are considered. In the author’s opinion, the basic knowledge about new materials and a new element base should be included in programs for studying modern electronics and circuitry.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2019;17(4):450-456
pages 450-456 views

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