Vol 18, No 2 (2020)


Leonard Jimmy Savage’s Theory of Subjective and Personal Probability. Part II. Qualitative and Quantitative Subjective Probability

Abramov V.E., Maslov O.N., Shatalov I.S., Yuklasov K.A.


This paper continues the series of publications which aims to familiarize infocommunication technology specialists with the legacy of Leonard Jimmy Savage - one of the founders of the subjective theory of probability. His fundamental work, The Foundations of Statistics, extensively covers the topics of probability, risk assessment and the expected utility theory, all of which have prominent practical applications in the present day. This second paper, corresponding to the third chapter of the source material, analyzes correlations and divergences between the objective and subjective probability theories and lays out the author’s concept of subjective probability, as well as the related notions of qualitative, quantitative and conditional subjective probability. The paper explores possible ways of determining probability values using heuristic and empirical methods, series of controlled experiments and direct measurements. Unlike objective probability, subjective probability may be applied to the research and development of virtual systems, including new types of systems that have been theorized but never realized before.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):115-130
pages 115-130 views

Characteristics of Signal-Blocking Cables for Railways with AC Electric Traction

Andreev R.V., Popov V.B.


The growth of cargo turnover and the development of high-speed passenger traffic require special attention to the safety of railway transport. Therefore, on sections of railways with AC electric traction in signal-blocking cables preference is given to a solid aluminum shell and armor made of two steel bands, which provide necessary protection of cable circuits from external dangerous and interfering electromagnetic influences. Also, there are signal-blocking cables that are similar in purpose but use a screen made of aluminum polymer tape and a layer of aluminum wires instead of an aluminum shell. The paper makes a comparative analysis of signal-blocking cables with a solid aluminum shell and cables with a screen made of aluminum-polymer tape and a layer of aluminum wires, paying special attention to the characteristics of the influence of external electric fields.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):130-136
pages 130-136 views

Methods for Estimating the Mechanical Stresses Distribution in Optical Fibers

Alekhin I.N., Dashkov M.V., Nikulina T.G.


The article considers the effect of bends and mechanical stresses caused by bending on the service life of optical fiber in the cable. It is shown that the bends distribution along the fiber length provides an unambiguous relationship with the distribution of mechanical stresses. A comparative review of modern methods used to control mechanical stresses in optical fibers is presented. The conclusion is drawn that the most promising and inexpensive method to implement for modern single-mode bend-insensitive fibers is the polarization reflectometry based on the analysis of information on the birefringence distribution along the optical fiber length. The factors leading to a change in the magnitude of birefringence during the operation of the optical fiber are determined. The conditions that are necessary to observe when measuring the birefringence distribution along the optical fiber length are presented
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):136-142
pages 136-142 views

MAP- and BMAP-Flows in Traffic Models of Telecommunication Systems

Likhttsinder B.Y., Moiseev V.I.


Models of single-channel queueing systems with arbitrary correlated input streams are considered. For these systems, generalizations of the Khinchin - Pollachek formula are given, an interval model of the video traffic input stream is considered, and the influence of its parameters on the average size of the queues is determined. The insufficient efficiency of applying self-similar process models to the analysis of queues in telecommunication systems is shown. The prospects of using the interval methods of queue analysis developed by the author in queueing systems with correlated input flows is shown. The evolution of flow models controlled by the Markov chain, including MAP and BMAP flows, is considered. The possibilities of using Markov flows as traffic models in telecommunication systems are considered. By means of an example, the equivalence of such models’ characteristics to the characteristics of the real flows of video traffic is shown. The conclusions are confirmed by the results of simulation modeling.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):143-148
pages 143-148 views

Analytical Model for a Fragment of SDN Architecture

Mochalov V.P., Linets G.I., Palkanov I.S.


A fragment of a Software-Defined Networking architecture with the functionality of switches and controllers is described as the mathematical model of a multiphase queueing system with losses at each phase. In the Internet Engineering Task Force draft Address Resolution Delay in SDN (also see ITU Radiocommunication Sector M.2083-0), it was recommended to reduce network delay within a single Software-Defined Networking segment from 50 to 1 ms. This performance index depends considerably on the characteristics of the software and hardware system of Software-Defined Networks, as well as on the processes of interaction between the switches and the controller. However, the service time and hence the processing delays for packet flows are not regulated by the suppliers of switching equipment (e.g., Cisco Catalyst 3750 switches), which makes it difficult to determine the probabilistic and time characteristics of networks during the design stage and to formalize any suggestions on improving the performance of network elements. The models presented in this paper are based on the classical queueing theory and Laplace transforms. In this case, the relation between the stages of packets processing on network devices has little significance; therefore, the performance indices are obtained in terms of single-phase network parameters. The mean service time and the mean number of packets in a network are calculated as functions of the load of network devices. Also, analytical expressions for determining the mean loss ratio of network packets at each phase of processing by a switch are derived.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):149-159
pages 149-159 views

Process-Oriented Quality Control System for Infocommunication Services Based on TM Forum Frameworx

Mochalov V.P., Linets G.I., Bratchenko N.Y., Palkanov I.S.


The existing management systems for telecommunications implement high-tech services by integrating services from different providers, allocating resources, managing services and their quality indexes as well as by predicting and maintaining the demand for services. Due to the constraints connected with the formation of new infocommunication services, their flexibility and convenient modification, Operation Support Systems/Business Support Systems do not fully match the modern requirements for the management systems of Future Networks. The management system design methods suggested below involve the process approach based on the Open Digital Architecture of Tele Management Forum Frameworx. This paper considers a process model of operational management systems for infocommunication networks and formal statements of associated modeling problems; an analytical load optimization model is suggested. The rigorous framework of semi-Markovian processes, Laplace transforms and generating functions is used for estimating some processing characteristics of a random flow of service requests.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):159-166
pages 159-166 views

Method for Determining the Navigation Field Distortion and the Identification of Interference on the RUAV Receiver

Sagdeev K.M., Linets G.I., Melnikov S.V., Isaev A.M., Isaev M.A.


The scientific problem under consideration is associated with the problem of monitoring the integrity of the navigation field and ensuring the accuracy of positioning of robotic unmanned aerial vehicles under conditions of natural distortion of the navigation field and deliberate interference. The aim of the article is to develop a method that can reliably determine the fact of distortion of the navigation field and identify interference effects through the use of additional information obtained during the processing of navigation parameters in the navigation receiver. In order to identify the status of the GPS / GLONASS navigation field, the introduction of typical classes is proposed. The research uses a comparative assessment of the current results of navigational measurements with calculated values obtained by extrapolating a certain area with reliable measurements and a Bayesian probabilistic approach to solve the problem of detecting the fact of distortion of the navigation field and identifying the interference effect. The developed method allows to assess the state of the navigation field with high reliability and, when it is distorted, to identify the type of interference. The results are recommended to be used to improve the control algorithm of the unmanned aerial vehicles with the aim of expanding its functional capabilities in stand-alone operation under conditions of intentional and natural interference.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):166-177
pages 166-177 views

Software and Hardware Complex for Simulation Modeling of a Multirotor UAV Flight

Isaev A.M., Linets G.I., Isaev M.A., Melnikov S.V.


The article proposes a hardware-software complex for flight simulation of a multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle, which allows near real-time operation in the MatLab / Simulink software package. To obtain adequate control characteristics and estimate flight time, simulation models of propellers and brushless motors have been developed and verified. The unmanned aerial vehicle system model allows to combine various propellers, brushless electric motors, batteries; to test control system software in automatic, semi-automatic, manual control modes, with various combinations of external factors, such as flight altitude relative to sea level, wind direction and force; as well as to simulate errors in determining coordinates and altitude. The results of the work were used for the flight modes test of a real multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):177-187
pages 177-187 views

On the Propagation Velocity of Disturbances Along a Basilar Membrane of the Human Auditory System

Zhilyakov E.G., Belov S.P., Belov A.S., Medvedev A.A.


The auditory system of a person plays a leading role in their life and, above all, in the processes of information exchange based on sound signals, especially during oral speech. In this regard, many countries conduct studies on the characteristics of the human sound perception based on the creation of various types of models. These are necessary for improving hearing aids, developing systems for the automatic recognition of oral speech in artificial intelligence systems and optimizing the processing of speech signals during storage and transmission of voice messages. In the framework of this paper, a method has been developed for estimating the propagation velocity of disturbances along the basilar membrane created when the oval window is exposed. Fairly simple ideas about the properties that take place in the environment of the perilymph are used - the basilar membrane of physical processes.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):188-194
pages 188-194 views

Implementation of High-Speed OFDM Modems for Radio Channels with Signal Fading

Mishin D.V., Tyazhev A.I.


The article discusses methods for implementing signal modems with Orthogonal Frequency Division Modulation (OFDM) designed for high-speed transmission of digital signals on radio channels with signal fading, with the duration of signal fading in the radio channel to be hundreds and thousands of times longer than the duration of the transmitted digital signal packets. In such conditions, excessive coding and interleaving do not provide guaranteed transmission of digital information, while OFDM modulation provides high-speed transmission of digital signals over radio channels with signal fading. The article provides calculations of the achievable digital information transmission rate in OFDM modems depending on the duration of signal fading in the radio channel and on the parameters of fast Fourier transform (FFT) processors that are used in OFDM signal modems. It was shown that the transmission rate of digital stream B or the throughput of OFDM modems in radio channels with signal fading increases due to an increase in the number of subcarriers equal to the number of processing points by the FFT processor and the number of positions of the transmitted signal on each subcarrier, and due to a decrease in the duration of signal fading. Notably, the processing time of all points by the FFT processor should be less than the symbol duration on each subcarrier.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):194-200
pages 194-200 views

Features of Flash Drives Information Security

Vasilenko K.A., Zolkin A.L., Abramov N.V., Kurganov D.O.


The article provides the review of the threats to information security of flash drives, analyzes the FAT32 and NTFS file systems of flash drives and their vulnerabilities to malware. Features of viruses’ action algorithms on flash drives are highlighted in the article. The issue of flash drives security is still open. There are many effective ways to significantly reduce the possibility of infection of flash drives. After analyzing the drawbacks of the NTFS system, it shall be noted that this system requires a much larger amount of RAM compared to the FAT32 system, and that the data fragmentation also complicates the work of the system with medium size file directories. Moreover, the NTFS system has a relatively low performance rate when compared to the FAT32 system. If the flash drive is used more often with the home computer, then the home computer is chosen as the workstation and is provided with full access. Recording shall be prohibited for other computers. Today, there are many ways and methods of flash drives protecting, but the specifics of their use depend on the information store location and information value.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):200-206
pages 200-206 views

Development of the Digital Economy Across the World. Structural Analysis of Key Functional Elements

Abramov V.E., Yuklasov K.A.


The article presents a comparative analysis of the current state of the digital economy, which the authors believe to be very informative, if somewhat obvious for specialists of the field. The aim of this article is to provide an analytical forecast of the digitalization of social and economic development processes and lay out its possible stages. The authors suggest that the digital tools related to information and content may be of interest to specialists engaged in the digital development of computer technologies that have a direct impact on planning, promotion and regulation of the digital economy’s implementation in individual fields. The presented material is complemented with digital calculations and infographics, which are statistically backed by the original sources.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):206-215
pages 206-215 views

Analysis of Individual Characteristics of Higher Education Entrants for Choosing the Training Direction

Diyazitdinova A.A.


The article considers one of the serious problems of universities: the problem of choosing the direction of study. Every applicant who enters the university faces this problem. A wrong choice of direction leads to low student performance, possible abandonment of the profession and, consequently, to a decrease in the learning efficiency. To solve this problem, the article proposes the use of an intelligent decision support system. It allows to build a predictive model that links together the individual characteristics of applicants and the likelihood of a successful graduation in the chosen direction of study. The information received will be used to assist the applicant in choosing the direction of study. Having this information, the applicant will consciously approach the question of choosing their future specialization.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):216-221
pages 216-221 views

Cloud Technologies in Higher Education

Dukalskaya I.V., Polyakov N.N.


The article presents the prospects of using cloud technologies in the educational space of the higher education institution. The authors aim to study cloud technologies in order to integrate them into the educational sphere, which will improve the efficiency of the educational process. This goal is going to be achieved through the following actions: the analysis of service models is carried out and cloud models are described in order to identify the most suitable ones for the educational sphere. Further reviews of advantages and disadvantages of cloud technologies application in university educational processes are revealed. Also, the following cloud services have been analyzed: Windows Azure, G Suite for Education, WebTutor, ShareKnowledge. Based on the collected data, the relevance of using particular platforms in the educational process was assessed.
Infokommunikacionnye tehnologii. 2020;18(2):222-228
pages 222-228 views

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