Ice and Snow

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The journal “Ice and Snow” is a professional academic periodical publication in the field of glaciology and cryology of the Earth. It continues the series «Data of Glaciological Studies» that was established in 1961 by the USSR Academy of Sciences. Its themes cover all branches of glaciology including studies of the atmospheric ice, snow cover and avalanches, mountain glaciers and polar ice sheets, sea, river, lake and underground ices, glacial flows (torrents) and icings as well as past glaciations on the Earth and possible cooling in future. Its scope also includes the applied topics: processes of icing, snow storms and drifts, movements of surging glaciers and glacier floods, like the known catastrophe of 2002 on the Caucasus Kolka Glacier.

Founders of the journal are the Institute of Geography of the RAS and the Russian Geographical Society. It is distributed by the Publisher “Nauka”. Its editorial board includes leading glaciologists from Russia and other countries. The journal has a web site and is available in electronic format. The Board currently uses a system of reviewing and interactions with authors via electronic mail. The journal continues the numbering system for volumes and issues previously used for «Data of Glaciological Studies», and it is published four times in a year, i.e. in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Articles are published in the Russian language with summaries and extended abstracts in English (explanations of figures are also given in two languages). Some papers are published in English with extended summaries in Russian. This journal has been registered by the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication. It is indexed in the Russian (e-Library) and international (Scopus) bibliographic databases. The journal is included in the special list that the Main Certifying Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation approve as a source of publication for dissertations. Each journal issue contains 144 pages in A4 format. Some articles are printed with figures in colour.

Issues are prepared in the Institute of Geography RAS where the Editorial Board has its regular meetings and its editorial staff works. The Journal has its own web site which is also available via the Russian Geographical Society web site.




From 2020 the journal transfered to the new web-site also with the article submission system.
Please, check details on the Publishers's page of the Russian Academy of Sciences:



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