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Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is one of the modern methods for isolating toxicologically signifi cant substances from biological materials, which include narcotic and medicinal substances, as well as their metabolites. Currently, the market has a large number of proposals for SPE cartridges from various manufacturers. The choice of a suitable cartridge for SPE both in terms of qualitative characteristics and price parameters is a topical issue in the course of chemical-toxicological and forensic chemical analysis.The aim of the research is to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of medicinal and narcotic substances’s extraction from blood for widespread mixed-phase cartridges of some brands, which are intended for solid-phase extraction.Materials and methods. The research comparing the effectiveness of extraction was carried out with the use of mixed-phase cartridges for SPE of the following manufacturers: Bond Elut Certify (Varian), Chromabond Drug (Macherey-Nagel), Strata Screen-C (Phenomenex) EVIDEX SampliQ (Aqilent), HyperSep Vеrify-CX (Thermo), Starlab C8/SCX (Starlab Scientifi c Co., Ltd) with the using of gas chromatograph Agilent 7820 equipped with mass selective detector Agilent 5975 (Agilent, USA).Results and discussion. This article presents the data on the comparison of the effectiveness of the extraction of mixed-phase cartridges for SPE from 5 manufacturers (Bond Elut Certify (Varian), Chromabond Drug (Macherey-Nagel), Strata Screen-C (Phenomenex) EVIDEX SampliQ (Aqilent) и HyperSep Vеrify-CX (Thermo)) for the purposes of screening drugs and narcoticsubstances from blood. The cartridges Starlab C8/SCX of the investigated batch had some signs of poor-quality sorbent in the production.Conclusion. Recommendations for using 5 types of cartridges for the procedure of screening narcotic and medicinal substances in blood during the routine practice of forensic chemical departments and chemical-toxicological laboratories are given. Considering the relative cost of cartridges for SPE, in routine practice it is economically viable to use cartridges from brands Strata Screen-C (Phenomenex) and EVIDEX SampliQ (Aqilent).

About the authors

S. S. Kataev

State healthcare establishment of special type “Perm regional bureau of forensic-medical expertise”


O. N. Dvorskaya

Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy



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Copyright (c) 2017 Kataev S.S., Dvorskaya O.N.

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