Bankruptcy of a citizen — problems of collecting information about the debtor

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The article tackles issues related to the regulation of collecting information about a debtor-citizen in the framework of a bankruptcy case in connection with general civil principles aimed at protecting personal information concerning the private, personal, and family life of the debtor and his/her relatives. Using specific procedural mechanisms and emerging legal approaches, the author analyzes the different interpretations of legal norms regulating this issue in court practice and considers the possibility in bankruptcy cases of citizens when collecting information about the debtor to ensure a balance between the property interests of creditors and the personal rights of the debtor-citizen.

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About the authors

Elena V. Gladysheva

Arbitration Court Central District; Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSLU)

Author for correspondence.

Judge of the Arbitration Court Central District, Chairman of the Third Judicial Composition Collegiums for the Consideration of Disputes Arising from Civil and Other Legal Relations of the External Department of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSLU)

Russian Federation, Kaluga; Moscow


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