The dynamic evaluation of the polysynaptic reflex excitability in tension-type headaches

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122 patients with tension-type headache (TTH) were investigated (episodicTTH -92 patients, chronicTTH - 30 patients). The aim of the present investigation is to study the changes of the polysynaptic reflex excitability in TTH during headache periods and during headache-free periods.The methods of investigation included: personal assessment of pain using the visual- analogue scale, the clinical neurological examination, MMPI, the electroneuromyographic investigation of the polysynaptic Blink reflex (BR).The results of performed study revealed the rise of the polysynaptic reflex excitability inTTH.The data obtained confirm the role of the insufficient inhibitory mechanisms and functional deficit of the antinociceptive system in the TTH progressing. The BR can be used in the clinical practice for estimation of the severity and course ofTTH.

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M F Ismagilov

A A Yakupova



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