Stem haemopoetic blood cells in the early period after liver transplantation


The success of cadaver liver transplantation is not defined by compatibility on HLA. There are indirect instructions on dependence of destiny of a transplant from haemopoetic stem cells. The purpose of work of authors of article was studying of dynamics of stem haemopoetic blood cells at recipients liver transplant received it from the donor with brain death, with a various clinical current of the early postoperative period. The method flowing cytometry and labeled antibodies was studied changes subpopulation structure circulating blood mononuclear cells at 36 recipients and 3 patients after extensive surgical interventions, results was compared with a condition of patients and compared to control data of 23 persons without liver disease. Within the first month after transplantation 4 variants of dynamics CD34 + stem haemopoetic cells are revealed and communication of the complicated current early posttransplant time by a deficiency angiogenesis CD3 +, 31 + lymphocytes, VEGF+ cells against surplus potential cytotoxic CD8 +, 11 b - lymphocytes is shown. The satisfactory condition of recipients in the first month after operation depends on ability of their haemopoetic system to produce stem haemopoetic cells and the cells participating in function of endothelia.

A N Shoutko

O A Gerasimova


L P Ekimova

F K Zherebtsov

M A KaramuIIin

A M Granov

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