Fronto-occipital ratio of independent components of electroencephalogram as quantitative screening test of traumatic disease flowing


The results of ICA (Independent Component Analysis) and LORETA (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography of brain) analysis of the electroencephalogram (EEG) in posttraumatic prolonged unconscious states showed sharply increased power of independent components EEG in the frontal lobes and decreased power of independent components EEG in occipital and parietal lobes of the brain compared with healthy subjects. Our studies showed that the relative measure is more sensitive to basic pathological tendencies electrogenesis in patients in post-traumatic vegetative state and status of small-consciousness, in spite of high inter-individual variability of the EEG. A relative quantitative measure - fronto-occipital ratio of power of independent components of EEG may serve as quantitative screening test flow of traumatic disease.

N A Belyakov


O E Gurskaya

V A Ponomarev

T N Trofimova

U V Nazinkina

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