Antigens and their role in the immuno-inflammatory reactions by atherogenesis of human


In the article are given the facts, which confirm and which develop the main position of the immunoinflammatory concept of atherosclerosis pathogenesis. As leading ethiopathogenesis link of disease is examined interaction of the modified low density lipoproteins with the vessel wall. The antigens, which play key pathogenetic role in formation and development of atherosclerotic damage, are investigated from the positions of the development of immune inflammation in the arteries wall by atherogenesis. In the human organism the new types of the atherogenic modifications of the low density lipoproteins are revealed and their distribution in the atherosclerotic damage of arteries is studied. It is shown that the most expressed immunoinflammatory changes of arteries walls are observed during the simultaneous detection in them the modified low density lipoproteins, obligatory parasites Chlamydia pneumoniae and heart shock proteins HSP 60/65, which is connected with the generality of cellular answer to the antigens in question. Pathologic process in such cases carries the acute, progressive character.

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