Vol 10, No 4 (2010)

The actual aspects of the venous return regulation
Sanioylenko A.V., Yourov A.Y., Evlakhov V.I., Poyassov I.Z.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):7-20
Mechanisms of realization of the pathogenic potential of stress
Ovsiannikov V.I.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):21-29
Interleukin-1 and cognitive brain functions
Zubareva O.E., Klimenko V.M.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):30-44
Obesity and atherosclerosis: role of adipokines
Denisenko A.D.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):45-49
Apolipoprotein A-I in the human monocyte/macrophage cell lines: the expression and the putative functions
Orlov S.V., Mogilenko D.A., Perevozchikov A.P.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):50-62
Ethiology and pathogenesis of amyloidoses: the molecular and genetic basis
Schavlovsky M.M.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):63-81
Poorly studied mechanisms of genetic information transmission and hereditary pathology
Vasilyev V.B., Patkin E.L.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):82-94
Endothelial cell as a target of bacteria and their components
Freidlin I.S., Starikova E.A.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):95-106
Pentraxins in the reactions of innate and aquired immunity, matrix organization, and female fertility
Nazarov P.G.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):107-124
Toxicology of carbon nanostructures
Piotrovsky L.B., Dumpis M.A., Litasova E.V., Safonova A.F., Selina E.N., Bulion V.V., Rodionova O.M., Sapronov N.S.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):125-134
Algorithm of brain reactions to destabilizing antigenic and non-antigenic factors and problem of neuro-immune interactions
Korneva E.A., Novikova N.S., Perekrest S.V., Shainidze K.Z., Abramova T.V., Gavrilov Y.V.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):135-148
Modem concept of antimicrobial peptides as molecular factors of the immunity
Kokryakov V.N., Aleshina G.M., Shamova O.V., Orlov D.S., Andreeva Y.V.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):149-160
Disturbances in interaction between the immune and neuroendocrine system under stress, chronic fatigue syndrome and the means for their correction
Rybakina E.G., Shanin S.N., Fomicheva E.E., Kozinets I.A., Filatenkova T.A., Dmitrienko E.V.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):161-174
Neurogenesis and neural stem cells
Korzhevskii D.E.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):175-182
Ecotoxicokinetics and ecotoxicodynamics of toxic chemical substances in conditions of tropics
Sofronov G.A., Roumak V.S., Lazarenko D.Y.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):183-190
Medical and biologic aspects of electromagnetic ecology
Suvorov N.B.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):191-200
The role of angiogenic and neuronal factors in the mechanisms of thymic involution in tumor growth
Kiseleva E.P.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):201-209
Antigens and their role in the immuno-inflammatory reactions by atherogenesis of human
Pigarevsky P.V.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):210-217
Role of vasopressin in the regulation of functions of the CNS
Tsikunov S.G., Belokoskova S.G.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):218-228
Rehabilitative treatment of mempry impairment in drug eddicts and alcoholics with auricular acupuncture
Sapronov N.S., Shabanov P.D., Stepanov I.I., Efremov O.M., Losev N.A.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):229-234
Live influenza vaccine, development and further perspectives
Rudenko L.G., Larionova N.V., Kiseleva I.V., Isakova-Sivak I.N.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):235-239
Influenza virus transmission (experimental data)
Kiseleva I.V., Larionova N.V., Bazhenova E.A., Dubrovina I.A., Isakova-Sivak I.N., Grigorieva E.P., Donina S.A., Rudenko L.G.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):240-248
Anti-influenza immunity: the contribution of Russian scientists to the research work and promising directions
Naykhin A.N.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):249-255
Regulation of gene transcription in group A and В streptococci
Dmitriev A.V.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):256-266
Search effective ways solve problem struggle bacterial infectious pathology
Suvorov A.N.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):267-280
Lobzin Yuriy Vladimirovich on the 60 ,h anniversary
- -.
Medical academic journal. 2010;10(4):281-282

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