Prevalence of GJB2 gene mutation 35delG among healthy population of Northwest Region of Russia


Mutation 35delG of GJB2 gene is a major genetic factor of hereditary recessive prelingual deafness in Caucasian population. This study investigated heterozygous carrier prevalence of the mutation among healthy native population of Northwest region of Russia. DN A analysis was carried out on blood material from inhabitants (n=1153) of Arkhangelsk, Pskov, Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad region. The prevalence of heterozygous 35delG/GJB2 mutation in healthy individuals was found to be 5.0%, 4.7%, 5.5%, and 7.5%, respectively, which is considerably higher than the average prevalence in Europe. Possible causes of such high prevalence of the 35delG/GJB2 mutation are discussed.

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About the authors

S C Zhuravskiy

Pavlov State Medical University of the Federal Agency for Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation

S A Ivanov

Medical Academy of Postgraduate Edication

A E Taraskina

B. P. Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

O V Grinchik

Kaliningrad Regional Clinical Hospital

A A Kurus

Pavlov State Medical University of the Federal Agency for Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation


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