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Vol 9, No 2 (2009)

Endogenous digitalis-like substances and alcohol dependence
Kashkin V.A., Zvartau E.E., Bagrov A.Y.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):3-10
Dendritic cells and their role in atherosclerosis
Bobryshev Y.V., Lord R.A., Nagornev V.A.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):11-24
RNA interference as a regulatory mechanism of genes activity in the nervous and immune systems
Kazakova T.B., Korneva E.A.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):25-35
Changes in immunoreactivity of orexin-A-positive neurons after restraint stress and cold stress applications
Shainidze K.Z., Novikova N.S., Aleshina G.M., Darinsky J.A., Synchikova A.P., Korneva E.A.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):36-40
Prevalence of GJB2 gene mutation 35delG among healthy population of Northwest Region of Russia
Zhuravskiy S.C., Ivanov S.A., Taraskina A.E., Grinchik O.V., Kurus A.A.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):41-45
Epidemiological peculiarities of tuberculosis with multidrag resistance in Karelia
Markelov Y.M.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):46-51
Neurophysiological mechanisms of compensations of damaged function of upper limbs in therapy with electromyography biofeedback
Jakovlev N.M., Alexandrov N.M.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):52-58
Reorganization in callosal and associative connections animals brain in remote period after callosotmy
Bersnev V.P., Kasumov R.D., Gabibov I.M., Kasumov V.R.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):59-63
Features of the course of community-acquired pneumonia of pneumococcal etiology
Larina N.A., Dudanova O.P., Stafeev S.V.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):64-72
Changes interhemispheric coherence eeg of patients with ischemic stroke from the brain hypostases during the acute period
Stafeeva I.V., Subbotina N.S.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):73-78
Immunocytochemical study of Helicobacter pylori in oral, stomach and rectum mucosa
Kravtsov V.Y., Grukhin Y.A., Sourovtseva T.V., Mazurova Y.Y., Kobiashvili M.G., Aleksanin S.S.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):79-84
Methodology of simulation in ecological and epidemiological investigation of morbidity
Lobzin Y.V., \Maximov G.K., \Uiba V.V., Maximov A.G.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):85-90
Psychopharmacological properties of peptides with nootropic type of action
Shabanov P.D., Lebedev A.A.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):91-97
Chronic pancreatitis: kinds of operative interventions
Evtihova E.J., Gagua A.K., Lebedeva O.A., Andrew J.V., Dudanov I.P.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):98-102
Review on monograph by P. D. Shabanov «Psychopharmacology»
Sapronov N.S.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):103-105
Levashev Yuriy Nikolaevich. On the 70 anniversary
- -.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):106-107
Belaykov Nikolay Alekseevich. On the 60 anniversary
- -.
Medical academic journal. 2009;9(2):108-108

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