Cellular-molecular mechanisms of atherosclerosis development (Scientific legacy of academician RAMS V. A. Nagornev)


The article present the main stages of the scientific search of the prominent Russian medical academician RAMS V. A. Nagornev. Creative and organization activity of academician RAMSV. A. Nagornev allowed collective under his management was carry out investigation complex directed upon to discover cellular-molecular mechanisms for atherosclerosis development, to exploit and to inculcate of new diagnostic methods, to fight with disease, named today "Humanity Killer №1". It is established, that atherosclerosis pathogenesis connected both low density modify lipoproteins and reactions, which developed into vessel wall. As a result of fundamental studying of disease aspects V. A. Nagornev at colleagues have formulated and proved the autoimmune theory of atherosclerosis pathogenesis. Analysis of inflammation reactions into vessel wall showed, that elements of vessel immune answer may launch not only atherogenesis but modulate and check it. The last academician's RAMS V. A. Nagornev creative planes was penetrated idea to exploit atheroprotective vaccine. Conducted experiments allow to hope today, that a suppression of proatherogenic or activation of antiatherogenic immune response may provide new approaches of prevention and treatment this heavy disease.

V A Nagornev

Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Medicine, St. Petersburg

P V Pigarevsky

Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Medicine, St. Petersburg


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