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There has been performed the research of ultrasonic characteristics of cystic hygroma of the neck (CHN) of the fetus, whose goal was the improvement of ultrasound diagnosis of this disease in the early stages of pregnancy to improve perinatal outcomes. It analyzed the data of 355 cases of heavy tires. It was found that the frequency of prenatal detection of fetal cystic hygroma of the neck in Diagnostic Center (Medical Genetics) is 2,2 per 1000 fetus, significantly above the prevailing rate of detection of any other fetal abnormalities. The volume fraction of CHN in the structure of congenital malformations is more than 62,8%. Cystic hygroma is detected at a younger age of pregnant women less than 29 years, most often between the ages of 16-24 years. Normal fetal karyotype CHN has been installed in 38,5% of cases, of which 51,7% of the patients are born healthy. Regardless of the term to identify cystic hygroma of the neck of the fetus antero-posterior dimension to 4 mm is a favorable prognostic sign of pregnancy outcome. It is proposed a complex algorithm of comprehensive diagnosis of the condition of the fetus in the visualization of heavy tires in all stages of pregnancy based on these results in order to increase the efficiency of prenatal detection of congenital and hereditary diseases to the regional centers of prenatal diagnosis.

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About the authors

T N Trofimova

Institute of a brain of the person of N. P. Bekhterevoy of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Institute of experimental medicine


D V Voronin

Diagnostic Center (Medical Genetics)


I V Chubkin

Diagnostic Center (Medical Genetics)


E V Petrova

Diagnostic Center (Medical Genetics)



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