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Comparative histological and immunohistological studies of atherosclerotic lesions in human aorta, coronary arteries, and basilar artery revealed a marked expression of the potent chemotactic factor interleukin-8 in the endothelial cells that line the surfaces of nascent and mature unstable atherosclerotic plaques. Concomitantly, macrophage and T-cell fixation at the endothelium and their subsequent penetration in the intima of arteries were observed. The T-cells are represented mainly by CD4 cells and Th17 helpers. Based on the original findings and data reported in the literature, a hypothesis is put forward that interleukin-8 and the above cells promote immuno-inflammatory reactions when unstable atherosclerotic plagues develop.

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About the authors

P V Pigarevsky

Institute of Experimental Medicine

St.-Petersburg, Russia

S V Maltseva

Institute of Experimental Medicine

St.-Petersburg, Russia

V A Snegova

Institute of Experimental Medicine

St.-Petersburg, Russia

N G Davydova

Institute of Experimental Medicine

St.-Petersburg, Russia

O G Yakovleva

Institute of Experimental Medicine

St.-Petersburg, Russia

R A Vorozhbit

Institute of Experimental Medicine

St.-Petersburg, Russia


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