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The objective of the present study was to examine the morphological features and the distribution of Iba-1 + cells in adult rat spinal cord and ganglia. Seven adult Wistar rats were used. Iba-1+ cells were detected with polyclonal goat antibodies. Immunohistochemical antigen detection was carried out in paraffin-embedded tissue sections fixed with zinc-ethanol-formaldehyde. Microglial cells in Rexed laminae were shown to make contacts with ependymal cells and the cerebrospinal fluid of the spinal cord. Morphological differences between spinal ganglia Iba-1+ cells and spinal cord microglial cells are found. Terminology used to describe Iba-1 + cells in spinal ganglia is discussed. The data are useful for comparative characterization of changes possible upon modeling of different pathological processes.

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About the authors

E A Kolos

Institute of Experimental Medicine

St. Petersburg, Russia

D E Korzhevskii

Institute of Experimental Medicine

St. Petersburg, Russia


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