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The aim was to evaluate the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its components in patients with schizophrenia and to compare the frequency of these metabolic disorders with mental healthy subjects. Methods. 138 schizophrenic patients and 138 bank employees controls, matched by sex, age and body mass index, we enrolled to this study. In both groups plasma concentrations of lipids, glucose, insulin, cortisol, prolactin, leptin and adiponectin were determined. Results. In comparison with controls patients with schizophrenia had significantly higher frequency of metabolic syndrome and such its components as abdominal obesity, hypertriglyceridemia and low level of high density lipoprotein cholesterol. Schizophrenic patients had lower concentrations of glucose, total and high density lipoprotein cholesterol, while insulin and triglycerides content was higher in this group. Conclusions. Patients with schizophrenia have high risk of metabolic syndrome, which can predispose them to development of cardiovascular disorders and decline of life longevity. Metabolic syndrome in patients with schizophrenia has some special features, which can be a result of influence of specific risk factors on these subjects.

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About the authors

N G Neznanov

St.-Petersburg Bekhterev Psychoneurological Research Institute; St.-Petersburg State Medical University named after I. P. Pavlov


I A Martynikhin

St.-Petersburg State Medical University named after I. P. Pavlov

D A Tanyansky

Institute of The Experimental Medicine of North-West Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

O P Rotar

Almazov Federal Blood, Heart, And Endocrinology Centr

V N Solntsev

Almazov Federal Blood, Heart, And Endocrinology Centr

N A Sokolyan

St.-Petersburg Bekhterev Psychoneurological Research Institute

A O Konradi

Almazov Federal Blood, Heart, And Endocrinology Centr

A D Denisyenko

Institute of The Experimental Medicine of North-West Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences


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