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In the survey are represented the data about the influence of diabetes mellitus on the development of atherosclerosis and its complications. It is revealed the special features of the damage of the vegetative innervation of the cloths of heart and main arteries with these processes. It is shown, that with atherosclerosis complicated by diabetes in the main arteries is observed the simultaneous formation both of the classical atherosclerotic plaques and fibrous arteroisclotic plaques with calcinosis and thrombosis near the wall. It is established that in the patients with diabetes mellitus there is a special pathogenetic mechanism, which leads to strengthening of the arterial disfunction, observed with the development of atherosclerotic process. The analysis of literature showed that during the combination of these two disease are observed the primary damage of extramurals sympathetic ganglia. Are cited the data about topography and density of the distribution of synaptic terminal interlacements in different organs of cardiovascular system. The analysis of represented data attests to the fact that the progressive pattern of the flow of the atherosclerotic process against the background of diabetes mellitus bears the system character, caused by the disturbance of lipid exchange, by formation in the vessel wall of immunoinflammatory process, and it is accompanied by changes from the side of autonomous nervous system.

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About the authors

I P Dudanov

North-West department of the Russian Academy of Medical sciences

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Petrozavodsk, Russia

P V Pigarevsky

Research Institute of experimental medicine RAMS

St.-Petersburg, Russia

D E Korgevsky

Research Institute of experimental medicine RAMS

St.-Petersburg, Russia

S V Maltseva

Research Institute of experimental medicine RAMS

St.-Petersburg, Russia

E I Chumasov

Research Institute of experimental medicine RAMS

St.-Petersburg, Russia


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