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The purpose of the paper was the simultaneous study of the main neurotransmitter of monoaminergic system of the brain, their metabolites, activity of catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) and the state of different sybtypes of dopamine (DA) receptors (D 1, D 2L, D 2S, D 4 и D 5) in the developing brain of offspring from mothers alcoholized in gestation and feeding periods. Alcoholization of rats during gestation period decreased activity of all monoaminergic systems studied, that performed with reduction of noradrenaline and DA level in alcoholized fetus as well as of mPNA of COMT, an enzyme of catecholamine metabolism, in the structures of the forebrain on 17 th day but not on 13 th day of prenatal development. In parallel experiments, the increase of the contents of both long and short splice variants of D 2 DA receptor was registered. In postnatal period (4-10-17 days), the further decrease of the DA system activity was observed, in particular, reduction of DOPAC level and DOPAC/DA ratio in rat pups, mothers of which intake alcohol in the gestation period with withdrawal it after birth of offspring. The serotonin system activity was also reduced in alcoholized pups in the postnatal period and was registered in the early stages (on 4th day of life). Therefore, the serotonin system activity is changing on early stages of development in the most degree (4 th day), whereas the inhibition of the DA system activity is registered on the late stages (10 th day of life).

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About the authors

E R Bychkov

Anichkov Department of NeuroPharmacology, Institute of Experimental Medicine NWB RAMS

St.-Petersburg, Russia

A A Lebedev

Anichkov Department of NeuroPharmacology, Institute of Experimental Medicine NWB RAMS

St.-Petersburg, Russia

M I Airapetov

Anichkov Department of NeuroPharmacology, Institute of Experimental Medicine NWB RAMS

St.-Petersburg, Russia

R O Roik

Anichkov Department of NeuroPharmacology, Institute of Experimental Medicine NWB RAMS

St.-Petersburg, Russia

P D Shabanov

Anichkov Department of NeuroPharmacology, Institute of Experimental Medicine NWB RAMS

St.-Petersburg, Russia


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