Modern ap proaches to diagnostics of arterial hypertensia at children


115 children 13-17 years with arterial hypertensia (AH) were surveyed: stable (SAH) 70, labile (LAH) 45. Daily monitoring of arterial pressure, transcranial dopplerographia, triplex ultrasound research of nephritic haemodynamics was executed for all. At AH authentic increase of high-speed indicators in carotid pool and hypokinetic type of a blood-groove in vertebral pool is registered, and given changes are more expressed in group of children from SAH. By the means of klinoortostatik tests decrease in high-speed indicators at level of the basic trunk, segmentary nephritic arteries, and also IR (<0,52) is revealed. This confirms blood-groove arterioviens shuntings mechanism actuation and allows to diagnose nephroangiopatia at early stages AH.

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About the authors

K E Trubnikova

Mechnikov State Academy of Medicine, St. Petersburg


T N Trofimova

Mechnikov State Academy of Medicine, St. Petersburg

N A Belakov

Mechnikov State Academy of Medicine, St. Petersburg

І V Rumyantseva

Mechnikov State Academy of Medicine, St. Petersburg

M L Zhitomirskaya

T V Nazarov


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