Hormonal markers assessment (leptin, ACTH, cortisol, testosteron) after surgical correction of abdominal obesity


The treatment results of 181 patients with abdominal obesity were assessed. 109 patients underwent surgical treatment of abdominal obesity - anterior abdominal lipectomy, 72 were treated conservatively. Surgical group of patients with obesity stage 1-2 showed decrease in leptin, cortisol and testosterone concentration in 1 year after surgery, but surgical patients with obesity stage 3 and conservatively treated patients showed no changes in concentrations of studied hormones. There were no changes of ACTH concentration in both groups. Hormonal status normalization assume body mass stabilization and maintenance.

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About the authors

M A Volokh

S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg

Email: marivolokh@mail.ru

Yu Sh Khalimov

S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg


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