Statistics of social conditionality of public health


In the course of carrying out in territory of the Novgorod region of complex mediko-sociological studying of public health indicators of social conditionality of public health for the first time are developed and approved: a health self-estimation, the valuable relation to the health, knowledge of the population of available diseases, behavioral strategy of the population in health sphere. On the basis of interface of parameters of a selfestimation and self-identification five socially-psychological categories of the population are allocated. It is established that about m of adult population know nothing about the diseases and more % patients do not know about half of diseases and do not receive corresponding treatment. The majority of the population does not have developed valuable relation to health which is not perceived by the person as a necessary vital resource.

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V A Medik

Novgorod Scientific Centre of NWB RAMS, Velikii Novgorod


A M Osipov

Novgorod Scientific Centre of NWB RAMS, Velikii Novgorod


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