Vol 2, No 3 (2020)


Conference "Young pharmacy – the potential of the future»

Narkevich I.A.


"The Young pharmacy-the potential of the future conference has already become a unique platform for demonstrating cutting-edge developments and achievements across the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical and biotechnological research. Holding a scientific pharmaceutical conference is an important event not only for our city, but also for the whole of Russia, since the intensive development of the pharmaceutical industry is one of the priorities implemented by the Government of the Russian Federation today»

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):

From the editor


Flisyuk E.V.


In the context of the forced transition to mixed or remote forms of educational activity at the St. Petersburg chemical and pharmaceutical University of the Ministry of health of Russia, it remains relevant and important to support the research of young scientists, students and postgraduates. To ensure their communication links with research managers and their teachers, it is necessary to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities to work with electronic resources (including those available to the University under license agreements), with Russian and world scientometric databases (RSCI, Scopus, Web of Science), in combination with effective work with electronic documents.

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Pharmaceutical Sciences

Course of intrahospital coronavirus infection (COVID-19) against the background of preventive and curative administration of peptide immunotropic drugs as part of complex therapy

Petlenko S.V., Smirnov V.S., Rudenko V.V.


Due to the lack of COVID-19 specific preventive measures with a prophylactic and therapeutic (as part of complex therapy) purpose, various drugs were used as humanitarian aid from manufacturing companies to prevent influenza and SARS in St. Petersburg hospitals.

The study of Russian Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after R.R. Vreden patient treatment shows the possibility of using drugs containing a synthetic regulatory thymus peptide (L-glutamine-L-tryptophan-thymogen) as an active ingredient in a patient with an in-hospital coronavirus infection. This compound has a number of extra- and intracellular immunotropic effects of key importance in the pathogenesis of respiratory viral infections, including coronavirus etiology. The components have an indirect antiviral effect against acute respiratory viral infections, comprising COVID-19.

This led to the use of drugs containing thymogen for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. The use of immunotropic agents promoted the rapid involution in the patient of clinical, laboratory and instrumental (radiological) signs of the disease and its uncomplicated course both in the primary infection and the development of superinfection cases. The study has shown that the use for the prevention and treatment (as part of complex therapy) of drugs with immunomodulatory activity, as well as those capable of affecting various links in the pathogenesis of pulmonary lesions in coronavirus infection, seems to be highly relevant and justified.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):8-13
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Analysis of the level and dynamics of prices in the pharmaceutical market of Saint Petersburg

Orlov A.S., Kocherba M.S.


This article provides detailed results of an in-depth analysis of the price situation in the pharmaceutical market of Saint Petersburg, based on data from the audit of retail sales and hospital purchases, as well as the audit of preferential drug supply in 2012-2019, provided by the research company DSM Group. Using such statistical indicators as weighted average prices, weighted average prices index, Laspeyres price index and structural shifts index, the analysis of the level and dynamics of prices in the drug market of Saint Petersburg as a whole, as well as in its individual segments-retail, hospital and preferential drug provision segment. The results of a comparative analysis of price changes for medicines included in the List of essential and essential medicines and not included in it, for domestic and imported drugs, as well as for medicines belonging to different pharmacotherapeutic groups of Anatomic-therapeutic-chemical classification and located in different price ranges are presented.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):14-23
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Study of international experience in research of professional activity of pharmaceutical personnel in the context of restrictions, related to the development of the system of professional qualifications in the Russian Federation

Ivanova K.A., Ilinova J.G.


The article examines the existing restrictions associated with the development of a national system of qualifications (recognition of qualifications of qualifications internationally, the coexistence of elements of the old and new qualification systems, the gap between the labor market and the system of vocational education). It is noted that in the field of pharmacy, along with existing restrictions, the development of the industry qualifications framework is hindered by the lack of descriptions of professional activities performed by pharmaceutical personnel at the legislative level. In this regard, the authors conducted a comparative analysis of the content of groups of occupations described for pharmaceutical personnel, in accordance with the Russian Сlassifier of Occupations (as a document that is the basis for the development of the sectoral qualifications framework) with the types of activities carried out by subjects of circulation of medicines (production of medicines and pharmaceutical activities) in order to define the «boundaries of professional activity» of pharmaceutical personnel at the national level. The international experience of research of the content of professional activity of pharmaceutical personnel and the main factors contributing to the appearance of labor functions in the professional activity of pharmaceutical personnel that are not fixed at the legislative level (in accordance with the ISCO) are studied. In order to eliminate the existing restrictions that prevent the development of a unified system of professional qualifications in the field of pharmacy in the Russian Federation, the article concludes with an approach to describing the professional activities of pharmaceutical personnel used by FIP industry experts.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):24-29
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Biomedical Sciences

Malignant neoplasms of the heart, prevalence, weather mortality, median survival and survival of patients, taking into account the stage of diseases, localization and histological structure of tumors

Merabishvili V.M.


Malignant cardiac tumors are rare but dangerous tumors with a high mortality rate, not represented at the population level in any statistical collection. The study of its prevalence is possible only using the system of population cancer registries created in the world. Moreover, not at the regional level, only at the level of the federal district or the entire country. In 1993 we created the first in Russia Population-based Cancer Registry. In February 2019, it was possible to combine cancer registries of all 11 administrative territories of the North-West of Russia, with a population of more than 13 million inhabitants and a database of more than 1 million 100 thousand patients. It was only after the creation of the population cancer registry of the Northwestern Federal District that it became possible to study the patterns of prevalence and survival of patients in all tumor localizations, including, among other things, rare malignant cardiac tumors.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):30-39
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Hubulava G., Kozlov K.L., Bogomolov A.N., Volkov A., Fedorets V.N., Senkina E.I.


Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a widespread disease associated with high rates of disability and mortality, as well as a decrease in the quality of life. Moreover, the vast majority of patients are elderly and senile. Modern surgical methods of treating heart failure are able to increase the duration and quality of life of such patients, however, the need far exceeds the volume of this care, and some highly effective methods common in Western countries are still not used in Russian clinical practice.

Elderly age is a risk factor for the development of senile asthenia (frailty) and concomitant pathology. Large abdominal surgery is often contraindicated for patients with signs of senile asthenia, and the method of choice in patients with severe heart failure is the implantation of devices for long-term mechanical circulatory support (LT-MCS). After implantation of LT-MCS, a regression of signs of senile asthenia may be observed.

The topic of an integrated approach to non-drug treatment of heart failure in elderly and senile patients in Russia has not been studied enough. In particular, the implantation of LT-MCS is not used in Russian clinical practice, while in many Western countries for many years it has been the main and most effective treatment for severe heart failure. Systematization of the available up-to-date information on this topic could help increase the duration and quality of life of patients with severe heart failure.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):40-57
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Cariprazine is a modern antipsychotic with a favorable neuroendocrine profile

Dorovskikh I.V., Pavlova T.A., Scheidegger J.M.


This article provides an overview of the causes and mechanisms of drug hyperprolactinemia (GP) associated with the use of antipsychotics, and describes its main clinical symptoms. The most probable factors of the high frequency of GP development that persists to date when using antipsychotics in the practice of a psychiatrist are considered. Modern methods of its prevention and correction developed by domestic and foreign researchers are presented. Emphasis is placed on the importance and necessity of careful collection of the patient's medical history, laboratory and instrumental examination, monitoring of the dynamics of hormonal indicators, correct choice of therapeutic tactics for the prevention of GP and its timely relief. The neuroendocrine profile of the latest generation of antipsychotics is considered. Special attention is paid to the partial agonist of D-2, D3-dopamine receptors – cariprazine. Based on the review of recent clinical studies, the possibilities of its use in clinical practice are considered in detail, and the neuroendocrine profile of the drug is presented. The prospects of its use as a corrector of GP associated with the treatment of mental disorders with other antipsychotics are evaluated.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):58-63
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Biological sciences

Bioindication of the ecological state (health) of coastal waters based on the use of automatic bioelectronic systems

Kholodkevich S.V., Kuznetsova T.V., Kirin M.P., Smirnov I.S., Rudakova O.A., Lyubimtsev V.A., Manvelova A.B., Susloparova O.N., Perelygin V.V., Sakharova O.A.


The paper presents the data obtained in the study of the health of the ecosystems in a number of recreational areas of the Black Sea and the Eastern Gulf of Finland. Prompt assessment of the health of the ecosystems was carried out by testing the health of adult bivalve mollusks inhabiting them, using the functional load method based on the analysis of their heart rate measured by a fiber-optic bioelectronic system. The goal of the study is to test the innovative bioindication technology developed earlier by the authors on the basis of the above-mentioned method in the regional programs for environmental monitoring of the ecosystems of coastal marine and freshwater recreational water areas (using the example of a number of water areas of Sevastopol, as well as several freshwater areas of the Kurortniy District of St. Petersburg. It has been established that the functional state of mollusks may serve as an indicator of excessive pollution of coastal waters by the objects that discharge insufficiently treated wastewater from their local treatment facilities, including household wastewater. The technology applied in this study for the assessment of functional state of local species of molluscs may be effectively used to solve the problems of early diagnostics of alterations in the health status of coastal aquatic ecosystems and contribute to ensuring the ecological safety of recreational water areas, serving as an infobase for the development of science-based environmental management decisions. Taking into account a high expressiveness and easy-to-use technology applied in the study (which does not require expertise for its practical implementation), this technology may be considered as the best available technology for biomonitoring the water quality of recreational waters in Russia.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):64-73
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Laser synthesis of nanomaterials to create a new family of electrochemical microbiosensors

Kochemirovskaya S.V., Novomlinsky M.O., Fogel A.A., Kochemirovsky V.A.


A brief review of modern methods for creating materials for enzymeless microbiosensors intended for express analysis of the content of components of biological fluids, including human blood, has been made. New directions of the synthesis of such materials have been described: laser ablation (PLD) and laser-induced deposition (LCLD). The comparison of laser methods for the synthesis of materials of non-enzymatic microbiosensors with the known methods for creating nanostructured materials has been carried out. Using bimetallic LCLD microtracks as an example, the mechanism of enhancing the electrochemical response of the sensor to the content of glucose and hydrogen peroxide in complex organic and biological mixtures has been shown. It is associated with the creation of nano- and microstructured materials with a highly developed surface, on which there are extended boundaries of the interphase contact zones. This creates numerous activated acid-base centers. They facilitate the transfer of charge from the oxidizing agent to the reducing agent in the solution in contact with the sensor surface. A comparison of the sensory properties of microcomposite bimetallic deposits synthesized by the laser method and their analogs synthesized by traditional methods has been carried out. The advantages of laser methods for the synthesis of microcomposite sensor-active materials are discussed: the miniature size of the sensors, the possibility of using inexpensive metals instead of precious ones, the environmental friendliness of the methods, and the absence of the need to pre-activate the surface

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):74-88
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Review and revision of the tribe Baphieae Yakovl. (Fabaceae)

Gonharov M., Yakovlev G.P.


The article gives an overview of the small and archaic tribe Baphieae (Fabaceae, Fabales). The study is devoted to the taxonomic revision of the Baphieae tribe and and the phylogenetic relationships within the group based on the morphological, anatomical, palynological and molecular characteristics. It was carried out on the basis of studying about 5,000 herbarium leaves in 12 European and African botanical institutions. The study was performed using the morphological-geographical and molecular-phylogenetic analysis methods. The article provides information on the morphological features of the species included in the tribe, their geographical distribution and chemical composition. The results of phylogenetic analysis have been presented. According to it, it can be argued that the tribe Baphieae is a monophyletic group occupying a relatively isolated position among the subfamily of moths, based on morphological and molecular characteristics. The proposals for a new structure of the tribe have been made. The identification of several phylogenetic lineages within the tribe and the basal position of the genus Dalhousiea have been substantiated. Further studies have been identified.


Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):89-95
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About creation of a hybrid multi-level atmospheric air monitoring system in the Republic of Tatarstan

Trofimov O., Rubezhov A.V., Kraft M., Udaltsov A.V.


The existing system of instrumental monitoring of the state of atmospheric air in the Republic of Tatarstan systematically reveals the facts of unsatisfactory quality of atmospheric air, in this connection, special attention has been paid to the work on regulating the impact of emissions on atmospheric air by means of calculated monitoring. The article notes that by now all the necessary legal framework has been created for creating a hybrid multi-level atmospheric air monitoring system in the Republic of Tatarstan. The paper provides a justification for the need to implement a hybrid multi-level atmospheric air monitoring system for three levels: the level "Enterprise" or "group of enterprises", the level" Municipality", the level"Subject of the Russian Federation – the Republic of Tatarstan". The General scheme of the organization of environmental data collection in the Republic of Tatarstan and the scheme of the integrated architecture of the environmental data collection system are presented. The results of the implementation of a hybrid multi-level atmospheric air monitoring system in the environmental policy of the Republic of Tatarstan are presented

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):96-103
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Information and Prevention

Organization of practical training on the circulation of labeled drugs at the Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University

Siukaeva D.D.


Saint Petersburg state chemical and pharmaceutical University and the national center for additional professional education "laboratory of Labeling" invite managers and specialists of organizations in the pharmaceutical industry to practical training on the turnover of labeled medicines. The high demand for such training is due to the fact that after the introduction of the mandatory labeling regime on July 1, 2020 and the beginning of the turnover of labeled medicines in pharmacy organizations, a large number of questions, difficult situations and errors arose in working with labeled drugs.

Classes are held on the basis of the training Center for digital labeling and monitoring the movement of medicines SPCFU.

The main goal of the center is to provide specialists of industrial pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmacies and medical organizations with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work on the turnover of labeled medicines from July 1, 2020.

The SPHFU training center is equipped with fully equipped automated workstations of the pharmacy institution. With the help of the automated control system, you can carry out acceptance, return, accounting and storage, sale, inventory, withdrawal of labeled medicinal products from circulation, and transfer of information to the drug movement monitoring system.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):104-107
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Alexander Stepanovich Ardemasov: Party director of the Leningrad Pharmaceutical Institute in 1940-1942

Narkevich I.A., Stepanov S.V., Volgusheva A.O., Zvyagin Y.Y., Vorobeva S., Perelygin V., Dobrova D.


Based on unpublished archival documents from the Central State Archive of Party Historical Documents, the article reconstructs the biography of A.S. Ardemasov, a party worker, the Director of the Leningrad Pharmaceutical Institute (now Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University) in the pre-war period, during the Great Patriotic War (WWII) and the post-war years. During his path of life, A.S. Ardemasov headed the leading chemical enterprises of the USSR: the Leningrad Laminated Plastics Plant (now the Laminated Plastics Plant, LLC, St. Petersburg), the State Institute of Applied Chemistry (now the Russian Scientific Center of Applied Chemistry).

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):116-121
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Teaching the Humanities and Social Sciences at the Petrograd (Leningrad) Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute in the 1920s

Narkevich I.A., Stepanov S.V., Zvyagin Y.Y., Vorobeva S., Perelygin V., Dobrova D.


The article, based on unpublished sources from the Central State Administration of St. Petersburg, describes the role and the place of humanitarian disciplines in the training of pharmaceutical specialists at the Petrograd Chemical and Pharmaceutical Institute, then at the faculty of the Leningrad Medical Institute (now the Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University). Documented materials on the teaching activities of the founder of sociology P.A. Sorokin and the revolutionary and historian I.S. Scribe-Vetrov at the institute, as well as biographical information about teachers of foreign languages were given for the first time. The contribution of teachers of the 1920s was revealed on the basis of archival documents. It was shown that even in the past, considerable attention was paid to the history of pharmacy, the society foundations and foreign languages.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2020;2(3):122-127
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