Cortisol and BDNF levels in depression within schizophrenia structure: approach to treating

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To evaluate the effect of depression on the level of cortisol and BDNF in patients with schizophrenia 25 inpatients, who met the diagnostic criteria for ICD-10 schizophrenia (F20), were examined. The examination included clinical, psychopathological, laboratory and psychometric methods. Patients were examined twice: at admission and after 6 weeks of treatment. It was found that the level of BDNF in schizophrenic patients with depressive symptoms was significantly lower than that of non-depressed patients, and the level of cortisol in patients with depression was significantly higher.

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About the authors

Yulia S. Nikiforova

Saint Petersburg Scientific Research Psychoneurological Institute named after MV Bekhterev

Author for correspondence.
MD Russian Federation

Galina E. Mazo

Saint Petersburg Scientific Research Psychoneurological Institute named after MV Bekhterev



Russian Federation


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