Cholinergic modulation and neurochemical aspects of rat behavior after action of infraslow acoustic waves


The purpose of the paper was to study the role of cholinergic neurotransmitter system in neurochemical mechanisms of behavioral disorders in rats exposed to infraslow acoustic action (ISAA). The first group of rats was treated with a single exposure of ISAA 150 dBell. The second group (A) was treated with atropine 1 h before testing. The thrird group (ISAA + A) was pretreated with atropine 10 mg/kg 1 h prior to ISAA. The central functions were assessed in open field with preliminary typing of rats and by means of HPLC biochemical measure of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin and their turnover in hypothalamus and hippocampus. ISAA decreased locomotor, explorative and investigative behavior in open field, passive forms of behavior being increased. Atropine reduced emotional signs of behavior and recovered locomotor activity in rats. In 24 h after ISAA the investigative, explorative and locomotor activity of rats was recovered up to background level. ISAA decreased norepinephrine level, did not change serotonin concentration and increased dopamine level in hypothalamus. Pretreatment of atropine recovered dopamine level in hypothalamus but not in hippocampus. The mechanisms of cholinergic effects on monoamine turnover in the brain and emotional behavior are discussed.

About the authors

Ol'ga Vladimirovna Torkunova

Institute of Experimental Medicine

Fellow, Dept. of NeuroPharmacology

Alekber Azizovich Bayramov

Institute of Experimental Medicine

Dr. Med. Sci. (Pharmacology), senior researcher, Dept. of NeuroPharmacology

Petr Dmitriyevich Shabanov

Kirov Military Medical Academy

Doct. of Med. Sci. (Pharmacology), Professor and Head, Dept. of Pharmacology


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