In the article are represented results of both acute toxicities and safety determination of selenium-containing metal-complex substances πQ1983, πQ2170 that have high pharmacological activities in acute exogenous hypoxia after their introperitoneal or enteral introductions in mice. According with established parameters LD50 the couple of studied substances must be referred to the category of high toxic chemical agents. However, substance πQ1983 can be recommended for its preclinical investigation because it has enough permissible parameters of ED50 and therapeutic indexes.

About the authors

Denis Vladimirovich Sosin

Smolensk State Medical Academy

PhD (Physiology, Pharmacology), Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Normal Physiology

Andrey Viktorovich Yevseyev

Smolensk State Medical Academy

D.Sci. (Pharmacology, Physiology), Professor, Dept. of Normal Physiology

Petr Dmitriyevich Shabanov

S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy

D.Sci. (Pharmacology), Professor and Head, Dept. of Pharmacology


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