Vol 11, No 1 (2013)


Dopaminergic modulation of Na+, K+ and GABA-activated currents in neurons of the mammalian central nervous system

Bukinich A.A., Shabanov P.D.


He modern investigations of dopaminergic modulation of voltage-depended Na+, K+ and GABA-activated currents in neurons of the mammalian central nervous system are reviewed in the paper. On the base of own findings and literature data concerning modulating functions of dopamine on voltage-depended Na+, K+ and GABA-activated currents in neurons of the mammalian central nervous system was shown that dopamine caused individual and often not one-directed effect in various neurons of the central nervous system. A type of dopamine effect can be determined by the prevalence of the class/type of dopamine receptors on membrane of a neuron.
Reviews on Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy. 2013;11(1):3-13
pages 3-13 views

Antioxidant therapy of endothelialdysfunction

Tyurenkov I.N., Voronkov A.V., Sliyetsans A.A., Dorkina Y.G., Snigur G.L.


The survey provides data on the broad participation of free radical processes in the pathogenesis of various pathological conditions, including in endothelial dysfunction, which necessitates the prevention and correction of such violations. Under these conditions pathogenetically justified is the use of antioxidants in clinical practice from various pharmacological groups as affecting oxidative stress, they have the potential to improve endothelial function, acting as endotelioprotektors.
Reviews on Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy. 2013;11(1):14-25
pages 14-25 views

Application of natural and artificial hypoxia in sport training

Radchenko A.S.


The purpose of this review is brief description of the altitude and hypoxia application principles as added tools in sports training. The research directions are determined which require activation of applied developments for the improvement of sports training technologies using hypoxia conditions. Also in the review emphasized the haemoproteins role at the adaptation to hypoxia and hypoxia’s effects on CNS fatigue.
Reviews on Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy. 2013;11(1):26-32
pages 26-32 views

Study of efficacy and safety of tenoten in treatment of anxiety disorders in patients with vestibular and nonvestibular vertigo

Amelin A.V.


Тревога и депрессия сопровождают как эпизодическое, так и постоянное головокружение. Нами было проведено исследование эффективности и безопасности препарата Тенотен (в дозе 6 таблеток в сутки) при лечении тревожных расстройств у пациентов с головокружением различного происхождения (на фоне патогенетической терапии вестибулярных расстройств бетагистин гидрохлоридом в суточной дозе 48 мг). В исследовании приняли участие 55 пациентов с жалобами на вестибулярное и невестибулярное головокружение. Лечение сопровождалось прогрессивным, статистически значимым уменьшением показателей тревоги и депрессии. Уменьшение симптомов тревоги было достоверно более значимым у пациентов, получавших комбинированную терапию тенотеном и бетагистином, но не монотерапию бетагистином. Выраженность головокружения по данным DHI за время проводимого лечения достоверно уменьшалась. Показатели физического и психического здоровья шкалы SF-36v2 улучшались как у пациентов с вестибулярным, так и невестибулярным головокружением. Улучшение показателей физического и психического здоровья было статистически большим у пациентов, получавших комбинацию тенотена и бетагистина. Результаты нашего исследования показали эффективность и безопасность Тенотена в терапии тревожных расстройств у пациентов с вестибулярным и невестибулярным головокружением и расширяют опыт его применения.
Reviews on Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy. 2013;11(1):33-38
pages 33-38 views

Endothelial dysfunction and aspectsof pharmacological correction in patientswith primary developed ischemic stroke

Malygin A.Y., Khokhlov A.L.


The aim of the paper was to assess mortality, frequency of repeated cardiovascular events, neurological deficit dynamics and endothelial dysfunction in patients with primary determined ischemic stroke after treatment with simvastatin 40 mg in acute period of disease. Prescription of simvastatin 40 mg to patients in acute period of ischemic stroke accompanied by neuroprotective and antihypertensive therapy decreased a number of repeated cardiovascular events, positive dynamics of neurological status and regress of endothelial dysfunction appearance.
Reviews on Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy. 2013;11(1):39-45
pages 39-45 views

Usage of warfarin as a reference drugin experiments on rats

Ivkin D.Y., Buryakina A.V., Stepanova I.L., Ivkina A.S.


The possibility of using indirect anticoagulant warfarin as a reference drug in sсreening researches on rats was considered in the article. The dose of warfarin leading to true increase of prothrombine time without any internal gemorrhagias in animals has been defined. The optimal terms of administration for warfarin were defined. The dose-dependent regularity of warfarin effect from its duration of administration to rats was revealed.
Reviews on Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy. 2013;11(1):46-49
pages 46-49 views

Comparative efficacy of toothpastescontaining sodium lauryl sulfate and lecithin

Antonova I.N., Grishin V.V., Ignatov Y.D.


In the article the effect of sodium lauryl sulfate, and lecithin on the enamel of the tooth and the comparative analysis of efficiency of use of toothpaste with lecithin and other components similar to toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfate, which is significantly more efficient pasta with lecithin. In addition to significant improvements in dental index, pasta with lecithin showed bleaching properties of the enamel of the tooth and the ability to gradually remove tartar.
Reviews on Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy. 2013;11(1):50-54
pages 50-54 views

Pathology of pain, and a role of differentmethods for pain syndrome treatment

Davydov A.T., Tyukavin A.I., Antonov M.M., Kononchuk V.V., Shabanov P.D.


The different modern aspects of pain pathology and clinical use of various methods for pain syndrome treatment in medical practice are reviewed in the article. The main medicinal and nonmedicinal methods of pain therapy are observed from the point of their clinical efficacy. Ref. 76.
Reviews on Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy. 2013;11(1):55-75
pages 55-75 views

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