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The Department of Family Medicine of University of Iowa has a long and collaborative relationship with the Department of Family Medicine of North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov that started over 20 years ago. Relationships like these are very valuable for resident education and continued professional development. In October, 2016 3 attending physicians and 1 resident (the author of this article) were able to visit St. Petersburg to participate in a conference and visit the department. I stayed for an additional two weeks as part of my residency training to participate in clinical, academic and research activities. Below is an outline of the educational and training requirements for doctors of family medicine in the US, comments on the conference, a brief summary of a new research project with investigators from both sites and other details of my experience in Russia.

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J G Jackson

University of Iowa

Author for correspondence.
Email: Exampl@mail.ru
Russian Federation


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