Vol 23, No 3 (2019)

Breast examination
Lebedev A.К.

Breast cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm in women. With a life expectancy of 74 years, this disease occurs in every twentieth woman. Early detection of breast cancer allows for providing radical treatment, significantly improving the prognosis of the disease. The main tasks of general practitioners are to diagnose breast cancer in a timely manner, taking into account risk factors, medical history data, various methods for breast examining, convincing women of the importance of regular examination and passing a preventive medical examination.

Russian Family Doctor. 2019;23(3):5-11
The role of Astana primary health care declaration for development of primary health care at postsoviet countryes
Brimkulov N.N., Nugmanova D.S.

The article presents the goals, principles and results of the implementation of the Almaty Declaration of the World Health Organization (WHO) on primary health care (PHC) of 1978; the background and main provisions of the Astana Declaration of WHO on PHC 2018. The article presents the stages of PHC development in the USSR, which was characterized by the widespread introduction of narrow specialists at the primary level of health care, which subsequently had certain negative consequences. In a number of post-Soviet countries, the principles of General medical practice (family medicine) were implemented in health care reform, but some provisions of the Alma-Ata Declaration were introduced with distortions. This has led to a lack of effective functioning of the PHC system, a shortage of General practitioners, especially in rural areas. The implementation of the main principles of the new Astana Declaration will be important for the effective implementation of health care reforms in all post-Soviet countries.

Russian Family Doctor. 2019;23(3):13-18
Acute respiratory viral infections in children
Moiseeva I.E.

Acute respiratory viral infections in children lead in the structure of child morbidity. The defeat of the upper respiratory tract accompanied by fever and impaired general condition, — the main symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections. Diagnosis of most acute respiratory viral infections is based on the assessment of clinical manifestations and does not require the use of specific laboratory and instrumental methods. Modern approaches to treatment are timely and adequate symptomatic therapy.

Russian Family Doctor. 2019;23(3):19-22
Case reports
A patient with Conn’s syndrome in general practice
Vasilev N.Y.

The article presents the observation of the patient with the Сonn’s syndrome in ambulatory practice. Retrospective analysis of the disease revealed key features of the disease, allowing it to suspect an early stage.

Russian Family Doctor. 2019;23(3):23-26
Russian-Norwegian workshop “Gender aspects of leadership”
Kuznetsova O.Y., Turusheva A.V., Frolova E.V.

The article provides information about the Russian-Norwegian workshop on gender aspects of leadership, which took place on September 10, 2019 at the North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov. The event was organized as part of an international grant program implemented by NWSMU named after I.I. Mechnikov together with the University of Oslo. The Norwegian side was represented by professor Jeannette Magnus, a well-known specialist in the field of management, who has extensive experience in teaching in various countries, including the USA. She highlighted the original approaches to leadership issues from the point of view of gender differences and drew attention to the existing gender discrimination in the appointment of women to leadership positions and its possible reasons. The Russian side was presented by the head of the Department of Family Medicine, professor O.Yu. Kuznetsova, who drew attention to the importance of the issue of equality of women and men in terms of implementing the agenda of goals for sustainable development adopted by the international community. The workshop was attended by representatives of the teaching staff and employees of several administrative departments of the university. The seminar aroused keen interest and demonstrated the importance of discussing such topics as was reflected in the answers to the questions of the questionnaire, which was proposed to the participants of this event.

Russian Family Doctor. 2019;23(3):27-30

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