Transcription activity of genes taking part in Colorado potato beetle diapause regulation and its changes under the fipronil impact

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Background. The peculiarities of transcription activity of genes taking part in Colorado potato beetle diapause regulation have been investigated under the laboratory conditions in winter diapause initiation phase and in the middle of winter. 

Materials and Methods. Excerpt of summer generation (2015 year.) adults divided in active and inactive individuals in groups treated or untreated by fipronil in sublethal concentration (0.0001% a.i.) in the diapause initiation and maintenance phases. Quantitative real-time PCR used for comparing evaluation of transcription activity in muscles and gonads tissues for genes DP1, fer, DAT1, DAT2, EcR, Ldace-1 and rdl. 
Results. In gonads of active adults unlike the quiescent ones detected presence of rdl subunit of GABA-А receptor mRNA. In the middle of diapause maintenance phase in fipronil-treated adults revealed the increasing of mRNA content in muscles and gonads for genes of reserve proteins DP1, defensive proteins DAT1, DAT2, ferritin fer, gene of ecdysone receptor EcR and gene coding the acetylcholinesterase Ldace-1. 

Conclusion. The assumption advanced about the fipronil blocking the GABA-receptor binding thereby has significant impact to regulation processes accompanying the development of diapause states.

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About the authors

Yuri M. Nikonorov

Ufa Scientific Center of RAS

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation Senior researcher, Laboratory of molecular biology and nanobiotechnology. Institute of Biochemistry and Genetic

Liana A. Syrtlanova

Ufa Scientific Center of RAS


Russian Federation Post-graduate student, Laboratory of physiological genetics. Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics

Konstantin A. Kitaev

FGBU Bashkirskiy referentniy centr Rosselhoznadzora


Russian Federation Entomologist, Laboratory of phytosanitary research

Galina V. Benkovskaya

Ufa Scientific Center of RAS


Russian Federation Leading researcher, Laboratory of physiological genetics. Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics


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Fig. 1. Differential expression in gonad and muscle tissues of Colorado potato beetle genes coding the diapause-associated proteins (DP1, DAT1, DAT2, DAT3) and gene of ecdysone receptor (Ld EcR) in the phase of diapause initiation (* — significant difference between active and inactive individuals, Mann-Whitney test, p = 0.01). On Y axis — ratio of mRNA copy number in gonads toward mRNA copy number in muscles, referent gene — rp4

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Fig. 2. Сhanges of transcriptional activity under the fipronil impact: (а) diapause-associated proteins genes (DP1, DAT1, DAT2, fer; * — significant difference between active and inactive individuals, Mann-Whitney test, p = 0.01); (b) gene of ecdysone receptor (Ld EcR) (* —significant difference between gonads and muscles, Mann-Whitney test, p = 0.01) in Colorado potato beetle adults in the phase of diapause maintenance

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Fig. 3. The activity of acetylcholine esterase in Colorado potato beetle adult’s haemolymph in winter reproductive diapause and its changes under the fipronil impact. * — significant difference between fipronil-treated and control individuals, Student’s test, р ≤ 0.01

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Fig. 4. rdl subunit gene transcriptional activity in the gonad and muscle tissues of adult Colorado potato beetles. a: in the diapause initiation phase (* — significant difference between active and inactive individuals, Mann-Whitney test, p = 0.01); b: in the diapause maintenance, (* — significant difference between fipronil-treated and control individuals, Mann-Whitney test, p = 0.01), mRNA content ratio shown in fipronil treated and control individuals

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