RAPD-analysis of Fagopyrum species and cultivars genome polymorphism


RAPD-analysis of biodiversity in cultivated annual buckwheat species Fagopyrum esculentum, F. tataricum and related species F. giganteum and F. cymosum has been performed. Close relationship between F. cymosum, F. giganteum и F. tataricum has been confirmed. Intraspecific genome variability of F. tataricum accessions (0,01-0,15) is lower than in F. esculentum (0,10-0,33). For the first time genetic diversity in Russian buckwheat cultivars has been investigated. The high level of genomic polymorphism in F. esculentum cultivars (0,10-0,29) that is comparable to the variability in natural populations is shown.

Guzel D Kadyrova

Tatar Research Institute of Agriculture, Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, RF

Email: guzel_asd@rambler.ru

Fanusya Z Kadyrova

Tatar Research Institute of Agriculture, Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, RF

Email: fanusa51@rambler.ru

Natalia N Ryzhova

Centre Bioengineering RAS, Moscow, RF

Email: rynatalia@yandex.ru

Elena Z Kochieva

Centre Bioengineering RAS, Moscow, RF

Email: ekochieva@yandex.ru

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