Vol 6, No 3 (2008)


RAPD-analysis of Fagopyrum species and cultivars genome polymorphism

Kadyrova G.D., Kadyrova F.Z., Ryzhova N.N., Kochieva E.Z.


RAPD-analysis of biodiversity in cultivated annual buckwheat species Fagopyrum esculentum, F. tataricum and related species F. giganteum and F. cymosum has been performed. Close relationship between F. cymosum, F. giganteum и F. tataricum has been confirmed. Intraspecific genome variability of F. tataricum accessions (0,01-0,15) is lower than in F. esculentum (0,10-0,33). For the first time genetic diversity in Russian buckwheat cultivars has been investigated. The high level of genomic polymorphism in F. esculentum cultivars (0,10-0,29) that is comparable to the variability in natural populations is shown.
Ecological genetics. 2008;6(3):3-10
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RAPD analysis the genome polymorphism Actinidia Lindley, (Actinidiacea), growing in the territory of Russia

Malaeva E.V., Ryzhova N.N., Molkanova O.I., Kochieva E.Z.


RAPD The RAPD analysis of biodiversity in Actinidia species grown in Russia has been performed. Genome variability levels of A. kolomikta, A. arguta, A. potygama species were 0.01-0.15, 0.05-0.12 and 0.02-0.07, respectively. The maximum genetic distances have been determined between A. kotomiktaand A. arguta accessions (0.29-0.40). Close relationship have been shown between A. girald//, A. purpurea and A. arguta accessions which was comparable to intaspecific diversity analyzed in Actinidiaspecies. For the first time genetic diversity in Russian Actinidia cultivars has been investigated.
Ecological genetics. 2008;6(3):11-17
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Molecular passportization of clones of karelian birch using PCRwith semi-specific primers

Matveeva T.V., Mashkina О.S., Isakov Y.N., Lutova L.A.


Using 4 clones of Karelian birch (Betula pendula Roth var caretica Merckl.) from the collection of the karelian birch of the laboratory of genetics of Research Institute of Forest Genetics and Breeding, Voronezh, one normal tree of Betula pendula Roth, and one tree of B. pubescens Ehrh., collected from the nature, we have analyzed the possibility of application of PCR with semi-specific primers for molecular typing. We found primers with high percentage of polymorphic markers. These primers could be recommended for molecular typing of birch.
Ecological genetics. 2008;6(3):18-23
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Melatonin influence on Drosophila melanogaster life span at different light regimes

Moskalev A.A., Krementsova A.V., Malysheva O.A.


It was investigated the combined effects of different light regimes (round-the-clock lighting or darkening) and antioxidant melatonin on Drosophila melanogaster life span of wild type strain Canton-S,mutant strain with defect of red-ox system (Sod) and mu tant strain with disturbance of excision DNA repair (mus210). It was revealed, that maintenance of Drosophila imago at round-the-clock lighting leads to decrease of mean and/or maximum life span with compare to being at darkening. Adding of melatonin to Drosophila meal induces the geroprotector effects, mainly, in dark conditions. The effects mentioned above were most expressed in strain with mutation of Sod. All effects have revealed in both sexes. The data analysis has shown that mechanisms of different light regimes and melatonin influ ence on life span are rather different.
Ecological genetics. 2008;6(3):24-32
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Creation of mutant collections for the study of genetic control of stress adaptation in Synechocystis sp

Zinchenko V.V., Glazer V.M., Kryazhov S.V., Luchkin P.V., Babykin M.M., Belavina N.V., Los D.A.


The availability of the complete genome sequence of cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 which has been used as a model organism for molecular-genetic studying oxygenic photosynthesis and cell adaptation to stresses gives the opportunity to investigate the function of each gene in this organism by the targeted inactivation of the predicted genes. This paper presents our main results on functional genomics of Synechocystis based on construction and study of mutant collections with insertion inactivation of the genes encoding peptidases, translocases and the proteins of two-component regulatory systems.
Ecological genetics. 2008;6(3):33-41
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Influence of mutations in regulatory PHO genes on stability of a genetic material of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Smirnov A.M., Sambuk E.V.


Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is convenient modelling object for studying of spontaneous mutations frequency under the influence of various environmental factors, and also as a result of metabolism infringement. One of necessary components of the growing media is inorganic phosphate. Its lack influences an expression of many genes. The system of genes expression regulation by phosphate is studied in detail. In the present work dependence of stability of a genetic material of a cage on its metabolic condition caused by mutations in genes, coding phosphate metabolism regulating proteins, is shown.
Ecological genetics. 2008;6(3):42-50
pages 42-50 views

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