Melatonin influence on Drosophila melanogaster life span at different light regimes


It was investigated the combined effects of different light regimes (round-the-clock lighting or darkening) and antioxidant melatonin on Drosophila melanogaster life span of wild type strain Canton-S,mutant strain with defect of red-ox system (Sod) and mu tant strain with disturbance of excision DNA repair (mus210). It was revealed, that maintenance of Drosophila imago at round-the-clock lighting leads to decrease of mean and/or maximum life span with compare to being at darkening. Adding of melatonin to Drosophila meal induces the geroprotector effects, mainly, in dark conditions. The effects mentioned above were most expressed in strain with mutation of Sod. All effects have revealed in both sexes. The data analysis has shown that mechanisms of different light regimes and melatonin influ ence on life span are rather different.

Aleksey A Moskalev

Science Institute of Biology of the Komi Ural Branhc RAS, Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, RF


Anna V Krementsova

N.M.Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS, Moscow, RF

Olga A Malysheva

Science Institute of Biology of the Komi Ural Branhc RAS, Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, RF


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