Vol 8, No 1 (2010)



Dolgikh E.A., Leppyanen I.V., Zhukov V.A., Tsyganov V.E., Tikhonovich I.A.


In the legume-Rhizobium interaction Nod factors emanating from rhizobia trigger a complex of specific responses in epidermis, pericycle and root cortex of the plant, thereby providing the basis for subsequent bacterial entry and organogenesis of root nodules. Since Nod factors are biologically active at pico-nanomolar concentrations and their activity depends on Nod factor structural features, it suggests the presence of high affinity receptors to these molecules. Genetic analysis of pea mutants allowed to identify genes that are essential for symbiosis development and among of them the PsSym10 and PsSym37. These genes are predicted to encode LysM-receptor-like kinases with LysM motifs in extracellular domain (LysM-RLKs). These proteins may be potential receptors to Nod factors. However experimental evidence of Nod factor binding to the putative receptors is needed to confirm the biochemical function of receptors. Mainly, it depends on the problems with receiving of membrane receptors. In this work the heterologous expression of SYM10 and SYM37 was conducted in bacterial cells. We have also optimized the conditions for recombinant proteins purification and obtained specific antibodies for next immunoenzyme analysis of two LysM-RLKs in legume plants.
Ecological genetics. 2010;8(1):3-11
pages 3-11 views

Moleсular-genetic markers in study of intra- and interspecific polymorphism of Acipenseriformes

Timoshkina N.N., Vodolazshky D.I., Usatov A.V.


 Uniqueness and high commercial value of relic group of sturgeon fishes stimulated researches of their genetic polymorphism. In the review the basic molekular-genetic markers used for an estimation of genetic variability are considered; their merits and demerits are discussed, examples of their application, basically, on Acipenseriformes Eurasia are resulted. Problems of the genetic analysis polyploid kinds are is short covered.
Ecological genetics. 2010;8(1):12-24
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Variability of flax characters, associated with fibre formation, and environmental influence on their expression

Brach N.B., Sharov I.Y., Pavlov A.V., Porokhovinova E.A.


 In this work the results of long-term evaluation of lines of flax genetic collection created in VIR are generalized. A wide variability of fibre productivity and quality characters, and also stability of their manifestation in varying environment is revealed. The genotypes possessing contrast traits of productivity, quality and stability of their display in different years are distinguished. Dependence of correlations between the evaluated characters on the environment parameters is detected. The described lines can serve as a material for profound studying of physiological processes of fibre formation, for the analysis of traits inheritance and successful breeding.
Ecological genetics. 2010;8(1):25-35
pages 25-35 views

Cytogenetic anomalies in gastric epithelial cells of fundic stomach region of the patients with chronic gastritis

Kitaeva L.V.


The stomach is one of the microecological systems of human organism. Helicobacter pylori (HP) plays especial role in gastral ecosystem. The micronucleus (MN) test for investigation of cytogenetical anomalies in fundic stomach cells in chronic gastritis patients of different age was applied. Some morphological features — protrusions for example and presence of two nuclei in mucosa cells were registrated. Marked increase of cells with MN in HP-positive patients in comparison with non-positive ones in all age groups was found. The quantity differences of dinuclear parietal cells in HP-positive patients were revealed.
Ecological genetics. 2010;8(1):36-41
pages 36-41 views


Shtandel S.A., Barilyak I.R., Khaziev V.V., Gopkalova I.V.


As the factors which impact on the population prevalence of nodular goiter, Grave’s disease and thyroid gland cancer, iodine deficiency, remote consequences of accident on the Chernobyl atomic station, population age structure and selection in modern conditions were studied. Differential fertility indexes, diseases prevalence and population age structure official statistic data were analyzed. It has been shown, that iodine deficiency expressiveness, consequences of accident on the Chernobyl atomic station, population age structure and selection are impact on the nodular goiter, Grave’s disease and thyroid gland cancer population prevalence. 
Ecological genetics. 2010;8(1):42-49
pages 42-49 views

The frequencies of autoimmunity risk alleles of some genes in Belarus population

Aksenova E.A., Pokladok T.N., Boiko D.V., Danilenko N.G.


The population genotype and allele frequencies of +49A/G cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen-4 (CTLA4); C1858T protein tyrosine phosphatase gene (PTPN22); –23HphIА/T insulin gene (INS) loci in native Belarusians from 6 ethnogeographic regions were estimated. The frequencies of risk allele homozygotes were: +49G CTLA4 — 17,3%; –23HphIА INS 50,7% — 1858Т PTPN22 — 4,1%. 5 individuals out of 662 investigated were risk homozygotes for all three genes, 21 were homozygotes with protective allele combination. The uniformity of genotypes and alleles distribution of investigated locuses across Belarus regions was demonstrated. 
Ecological genetics. 2010;8(1):50-58
pages 50-58 views

Genetic variability of plants grown on oily soils investigation by the use of ISSR-markers on Poa pratensis L. model

Boronnikova S.V., Mandritsa S.A., Svetlakova Т.N., Nazarov A.V., Suslonov A.V.


In this study we provide evidence of genetic variability decrease of plants grown on oily soils. Genetic variability levels of Рoa pratensis L. from oily soils were investigated by means of PCR amplification with ISSR primers. On the basis of these indicators it is confirmed, that the plants growing in the conditions of oil pollution of soils, are characterised by the lowered level of a genetic variety.
Ecological genetics. 2010;8(1):59-63
pages 59-63 views

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