Vol 7, No 3 (2009)


Comparative cytochemical analysis of hydrogen peroxide distribution in pea ineffective mutant SGEFix--1 (sym40) and initial line SGE

Tsyganova A.V., Tsyganov V.E., Borisov A.U., Tikhonovich I.A., Brewin N.


Comparative cytochemical analysis has revealed differences in hydrogen peroxide distribution in symbiotic nodules of pea initial line SGE and mutant SGEFix--1 (sym40). In the initial line SGE, precipitates of cerium perhydroxide were deposited in the walls of infection threads and in adjacent material in the luminal matrix. In mutant SGEFix--1, an increased deposition of cerium perhydroxide precipitates was observed in the matrix of hypertrophied infection droplets, round bacteria contained in infection threads and also around juvenile bacteroids. The observed pattern of hydrogen peroxide distribution indicates that bacteria in infected cells of mutant nodules are exposed to a stronger oxidative stress compared with nodules of the initial line.
Ecological genetics. 2009;7(3):3-9
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Approach to estimate mutagenic effect of polluted water by cytogenetic method on bioindicator species Asellus aquaticus (Isopoda)

Daev E.V., Dukelskaya A.V., Kazarova V.E.


Elevated frequency of chromosomal aberrations revealed by ana-telophase method in ponds and lakes corresponds to higher degree of anthropogenic pressure. Data obtained are compared with the influence of low-dose of ionizing radiation. Validity of the model for estimation of pollution degree and its mutagenic influence risk for human being is discussed.
Ecological genetics. 2009;7(3):10-16
pages 10-16 views

Cytogenetic response of seed progeny of scots pine to combined anthropogenic pollution in the area of Novolipetsk metallurgical combine

Mashkina E.V., Kalaev V.N., Muraya L.S., Lelikova E.S.


The comparative estimation of variability cytogenetic parameters at seed progeny of pine ordinary from ecologically favorable and from industrial (Novolipetsk metallurgical combine - «NLMK») regions is carried out. It is established, that in progeny of pine trees growing in territory of «NLMK» there is an essential change of cytogenetic parameters in comparison with the control. It has been revealed that among seed progeny there are «mutable» and «low-mutable» forms. Questions of adaptation of seed progeny of pine ordinary trees to stressful factors at cellular and sub cellular levels are discussed.
Ecological genetics. 2009;7(3):17-29
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Diludine and cerebrocrast as bioprotectors in the model test-systems in vivo

Savina N.V., Nikitchenko N.V., Dalivelya O.V., Kuzhir T.D., Bisenieks E., Duburs G., Goncharova R.I.


An influence of two 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives (diludine and cerebrocrast) on Drosophiladevelopment and germ cell mutability was studied. It was revealed the concentration range, within which the compounds manifest their bio-stimulating effects increasing individual survival by 50-80 % as well as the protective action against the alkylating agent ethyl methanesulfonate reducing the level of induced mutations by 30-50 %. The pattern and presumable mechanisms of the bioprotective action of these compounds are considered.
Ecological genetics. 2009;7(3):30-43
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Chironomus (diptera) polytene chromosomes functional activity under the influence of cholinotropic preparations

Fyodorova I.A., Polukonova N.V., Dvoretsky K.N., Bogoslovskaya S.I.


Morphometric analysis of nucleolar organizer (NO), Balbiani rings (BR) - BRB, BR1G, BR2G, chromosome I arm puff B, chromosomes compactness activity change under the influence of cholinotropic preparations was carried out. Most sensitive criterion - chromosomes compactness is, most stable under the influence of stress - NO is. Atropine and pilocarpine antagonistic effect on the polytene chromosomes (PC) sites activity pilocarpine manifested itself in functional activity and restoration period duration change: on cholinoblocker effect activity decreased, while on cholinomimetic effect activity increased.
Ecological genetics. 2009;7(3):44-52
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Genotoxic effects of complex influence of radon and heavy metals depending on polymorphism of genes of enzymes monoxygenase systems

Minina V.I., Druzhinin V.G., Glushkov A.N., Golovina T.A., Apalko S.V., Volkov A.N., Ahmatjanova V.R., Lunina A.A., Larionov A.V.


The correlation between genotype CYP1A and level of chromosomal aberrations in adolescents which are living and learning in a boarding school of Tashtagol of Kemerovskaya oblast' in the conditions of complex genotoxic influence of raised concentration of radon and heavy metals has been studied. The levels of chromosomal aberrations were increased in carriers of at least one CYP1A1 *2A allele, as compared with CYP1A1*1A*A gomozygotes. Frequency of ring chromosomes it is significant it is raised at donors of genotype CYP1A1 *1A*1A (T3801C). Frequency of occurrence of lural chromosomal aberrations it is significant it is raised at donors with genotype CYP1A2 *1A*1A. The conclusion about the important role of CYP1A in formation genotoxic effects of complex influence of adon and heavy metals is made.
Ecological genetics. 2009;7(3):53-60
pages 53-60 views

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