Vol 2, No 4 (2004)


Story about how Filipchenco got along with Morgan and sent to him Dobzhansky, how Koltsov directed to Germany Timofeev-Ressovsky, who advised Muller to go to Vavilov in Leningrad and what came out of it

Inge-Vechtomov S.G.


Genetic school of Leningrad-St.-Petersburg University had been shaped up on the background and simultaneously as a witness of achievements of the Russian genetics in 20-30-th of the XX century. The process had been strongly influenced by the personal relations of Yu.A. Filipchenko, the founder of department of genetics and experimental zoology of Petrograd University, with Russian (N.K. Koltsov, N.r. Vavilov at al.) and foreign (Т.Н. Morgan and his students first of all) colleagues. An episode is presented about formation of contemporary theory of mutation process by the efforts and cooperation of several scientific schools: by work of G.J. Muller, N.V. Timofeev-Ressovsky, M.E. Lobashev etc
Ecological genetics. 2004;2(4):5-11
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A prognostic efficiency of short-term tests - systems at an estimation of cancerogenic activity of chemical compounds

Abilev S.K., Tarasov A.V., Tarasov V.A.


The method of an estimation prognostic efficiency of the battery of short-term tests at an estimation of potential cancerogenic activity of chemicals is offered. Levels of validity of cancerogenic activity 83 chemical compounds is carried out results at their testing in battery tests - test Ames, the test for SCE in cells in vitro, and the MNT - test in vivo. Researched date base is used as the trainee for forecasting potential cancerogenic activity of new chemical compounds by a method of cross-check
Ecological genetics. 2004;2(4):12-21
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Microsatellite instability level and p53 gene mutations in human carcinomas of gastrointestinal tract

Vostrukhina O.A., Shtam T.A., Mokhova N.V., Gulyaev A.V., Chepick O.F., Lanzov V.A.


The human carcinomas of gastrointestinal tract (GIT) are developed via "suppressor" (pJJ-dependent) or "mutator" (with deficiency in DNA mismatch repair) pathways. These pathways are known to be accompanies by variations in both clinicopathological and therapeutic characteristics. The mutator pathway manifests in genome microsatellite instability (MSI). All GIT carcinomas can be subdivided in three classes, with high (MSI-H), low (MSI-L) and zero (MSS) level of MSI. 34 DNA samples from GIT carcinomas were analyzed with 9 microsatellites and 5 exones of p53 gene in searching for correlation between the level of MSI and mutations inp53. The MSI-H carcinomas appeared to be of mutator type whereas both MSI-L and MSS were of suppressor type
Ecological genetics. 2004;2(4):22-28
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Population variability of triple symbiotic system: Paramecium bursaria-zoochlorella-and algophages

Kvitko K.V., Migunova A.V., Gaponova I.N., Vorobev K.P., Firsov M.A., Rautian M.S., Karelov D.V., Andronov E.E.


The triple symbiotic system (TSS): P. bursaria-Chlorella-Chlorovirus, was studied. In Eurasia we found only 2 forms TSS, named N, northern and S, southern ecotypes. Each ecotype manifested at 32°C ts (N)-or tr (S)-phenotypes. In northeren parts of P. bursaria areals, from Karelia up to Kamchatka, near Baikal and in Armenia highlands, we find only ts-viruses, in Central Asia - only tr-types. Two types of genome characters were shown by PCR of 18 S RNA-genes. According all this characters populations of zoochlorella in P. bursaria - 2 clones of obligate symbionts
Ecological genetics. 2004;2(4):29-39
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Analysis of genes polymorphisms of renin-angiotensine systems in population, athletes and elderly people

Glotov A.S., Glotov O.S., Moskalenko M.V., Rogozkin V.A., Ivashchenko T.E., Baranov V.S.


We analyzed AGT (M235T), ACE (I/D), AGTR1 (A1166C) genes polymorphisms of renin-angiotensine systems in population, athletes and elderly people by PCR/RFLP methods. It was shown increasing of M/T genotype of AGT gene in rowers compared with population group (46 and 34%, accordantly), I/D of ACE (55 and 48%, accordantly) and decreasing of A/C genotype of AGTR1 gene (38 and 51%). It was detected significantly increasing of M/T genotype of AGT gene elderly people compared with population group (56 and 34%, accordantly, x2=l 1,828, p=0,0006). The received data allow to make the assumption of a possible role renin-angiotensine systems in process of ageing and active physical working capacitу
Ecological genetics. 2004;2(4):40-43
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