Finnish Innovations in Medicine and Social Sphere

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The article presents data collected during the tour dedicated to the medical and social institutions of Finland about new solutions and Finnish innovations in medicine and the social sphere. The article describes the principles of the Finnish health care system, including the work of maternal and child welfare clinics, as well as common European approaches in geriatrics. Thе article describes the features of geriatric services in Finland. It reflects the role of the municipal social services to provide residents of barrier-free environment in their regions. The article presents the facts from the personal experience exploring the Finnish system of medical and social support to older generation focused on the application of the latest scientific developments. The article presents innovative products for comfortable living of older people, including a traveling exhibition of technologies for older people, specialized furniture and household items available in the functional building DoMedi and others. This article describes the function of public and private Finnish services and the Finnish Centre for Elderly, including a Finnish non-profit organization Valli. The article presents the features of a private home for the elderly “Wilhelmiina” in Helsinki and scientific developments behalf Miyna Sillanpää Foundation. The article describes the innovative products, created in the Health Innovation Village at the Finnish office of GE: vacuum therapy device for the treatment of edema, a portable device for the treatment of depression, a sensor for measuring the electrical activity of muscles. The paper presents the solutions offered by the Finnish university hospitals, including personalized medicine technology for patients with cancer, developed at the Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Helsinki. The article describes the work of one of the divisions of the institute - Biobank. The article describes the general approach to reform the health care system in Finland.

Svetlana L Akimova

Author for correspondence.
St Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation

MD, PhD, Department of Humanitarian Disciplines and Bioethics

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