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Наумов Павел Анатольевич | Pavel Naumov

191186, Российская Федерация, Санкт-Петербург, Аптекарский переулок, д. 3А, помещение 1Н


Aptekarskiy per, d. 3, lit. A, office 1H, 191186 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Phone: +7(812)648-83-66

Subscription to the print version of the “Pediatr” journal

You can subscribe to the print version of the journal in any office of the Russian Post by means of Catalog "Rospechat", as well as through the electronic online catalog
Subscription index is 70479
Subscription form is semiannual one. Minimum subscription period is 3 months. 

Subscription is limited within the time allowed by the Agency "Rospechat". 

Subscription to the on-line version of the “Pediatr” journal

"Pediatr" journal is distributed on the Internet under the principle of Free Full Open Access. All articles become available in Open Access immediately after publication. You can read them on the website

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