Meetings of obstetric and gynecological communities. Protocol No. 8
Board Е.
On the issue of surgical intervention for hydronephrosis
Dranitsyn A.
On sarcomach of the uterus
Weber F.K.
Participation and role of the zemstvo in order to streamline labor assistance in Russia
Artemiev A.P.
F. Westemark. Experimentelle Untersuchungen über die Wehenthätigkeit des menschlichen Uterus bei der physiologischen Geburt. (Skandinavisches Arch. für Physiologie. 1893). The forced activity of the human uterus during physiological childbirth. Experimental research
Soloviev A.N.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. 2
Ott E.0.
Second International Congress on Gynecology and Obstetrics in Geneva
Olenin S.K.
To the study of bone softening (osteomalakia)
Dobbert Ѳ.A.
To the pathological anatomy of the Fallopian tubes
Lingen L.K.
On the operative treatment of urinary incontinence
Gubarev A.P.
O. Morisani. Sulla combinazione della sinfisiotomia con parto prematuro e con la embriotomia (Annali di ostetricia e ginecologia, № 1, 1893). About the connection of symphysis with artificial excitement of premature labor and embryotomy
Kaplyanskiy V.
A few words about the recent samples of the tampon-vaginal electrical conductor and the nonpolating cutaneous electrode of the A.N. Aleksandrova and on the method of using them for internal-external electrification of the female genital area
Alexandrov A.N.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. 1. Annual meeting on January 18, 1894
Slavyanskiy K.F., Ott D.
A very rare case of multiple births
Pargamin M.N.
To the doctrine of congenital anomalies of female genital organs. A fourteen year old girl’s ANUS PRAETERNATURALIS VESTI
Gimmelfarb G.I.
101. Popyalkovskiy, MI Electricity with reflex vomiting of pregnant women (Medical Review. No. 23, 1892)
Zabolotsky A.
Surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy
Reed C.А.
Several controversial issues in the doctrine of ectopic pregnancy
Werder X.O.
I. M. Lvov. About the best care for the umbilical cord. (Medical Review. 1893, No. 3)
Krasnopolskiy F.
V. Zhemchuzhnikov. A case of long-term retention of the fetal head in the uterine cavity after decapitation. (Protocol of the meeting of the obstetric-gynecological society in Kiev; year 5, volume 5. Issues 9 and 10)
Krasnopolskiy F.
Meetings of obstetrical and gynaecological communities. Protocol No. 92
Board E.
Medical report on the activities of the Obstetric Department of the Gynecological Clinic prof. N.V. Yastrebova at the Imperial Warsaw University for 1890 (from 15 / III), 1891 and 1892 (until 15 / III)
Brzhezinsky V.A.
Emil Ries. Klinische und anatomische Studien über Zurückbildung der puerperalen Uterus (Zeitschr. f. Geb. u. Gyn. XXIV В. I. H.) Clinical and anatomical examination of the relative reverse development of the postnatal uterus
Pekarskaya A.
D.S.Schetkin. Tool for drilling the fetal head. (Medic. Review. 1893. No. 3)
Krasnopolskiy F.
O. Morisani. Sulla applicazione del forcipe dopo la sinfisiotomia. (Annai di ostetr. e ginecol., 1893, № 1). About the imposition of forceps after symphysis
Kaplyanskiy V.
О. Morisani. Alcune considerazioni sulla pratica della sinfisiotomia (Annali di ostetriciae ginec. 1893 г. № 1). A few words about the technique of symphysiotomy
Kaplyanskiy V.
Seven laparotomies
Potenko V.V.
Electrotherapy for peri-parametritis
Kupidonova V.
О Morisani. Sulla pelviotomia e sui rapporti alla sinfisiotomia. (Annali di ostetricia et ginecologia 1893, gennaio I). About the operation of the dissection of pubic bones and its relationship to symphysiotomy
Kaplyanskiy V.
About damage to female genital organs during sexual intercourse. From clinical lectures read to Students of Kazan University
Lvova I.M.
F.F.Kutlinskiy. To the question of the operation of taking away the dropped handle. (Protocol of the meeting of obstetrician-gynecological society in Kiev. God 5, volume 5, issues 9 and 10)
Krasnopolskiy F.
To the question of wombing in inflammatory and purulent diseases of the appendages
Dobbert O.A.
H D. Ingraham. A brief report of three cases of ectopic pregnancy (New-York Medical Journal, 1892, December 31). A brief report on 3 cases of extrauterine pregnancy
Kaplyanskiy V.
Winternitz. - For the treatment of vesicular fistulas. - (Ibid., No. 15)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. XI
Slavyanskiy K.F.
To the question of the volume of changes in the elastic tissue of the uterus in case of spontaneous ruptures of it during childbirth and pregnancy
Davydova G.L.
Refroflexio of the pregnant uterus. - Excessively distended bladder.-Cystitis.-Vistotomy.-Recovery.
Newmarch ..
On anatomical changes caused by the subsequent influence of chloroform in humans
Fraenkel ..
Choosing an Instrument for rapid dilation of the cervix
Gubarev A.P.
Female doctor M. A. Panfilovich. Three cases of embryotomy. (Collection of protocols General Kaluga doctors for 1893 Kaluga. 1894, p. 55)
Kakushkin N.
Report on the maternity ward of Odessa city hospital, 1893
Razumovsky M.I.
Intrauterine injection
Grammatikati I.N.
On sudden deaths in pregnant women and women in childbirth
Zweifel Р.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol #9
Board E.
Prof. N.N. Phenomenov. On the issue of embryotomy, Clavicle cutting operation. (Cleidotomia). (Weekly, 1894, No. 20)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
The third ovaryotomy performed on the same patient
Kuhn F.
On the question of the research of women in labor per rectum
Beckman V.G.
Uterine bleeding at the onset of puberty. luchenie them
Romme R.
Stolts V.I.
M. Shiperovich. To the ethiology of "spontaneous suppuration" of the ovarian cyst. (Weekly, 1894, No. 18)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
To the doctrine of extrauterine pregnancy (fetal attachment to a fibrous tumor)
Soloviev А.N.
Robert Müllerheim. Die Symphyseotomie. (Volkmann's Sammlung klinischer Vorträge, No. 91, 1894). Symphysiotomy
Dimant E.
Laparotomy with partial overgrowth of the birth canal
Mikhin A.
On the issue of late miscarriageѣ
Ivanov N.K.
A Note on Decomposition of Chloroform and Sickness
Newman D., Rawsay W.
Docent A. N. Soloviev. Ovarian cysts. Complications of an umbilical hernia, which made it difficult to diagnose. Double ovaryotomy and radical hernia surgery. Convalescence. (Medical Review, 1894, No. 11, p. 1048)
Kakushkin N.
C. Ludlow. The Use of Electricity in Midwifery (New-York Medical Journal, 1893: January 14). On the use of electricity in obstetrics
Kaplyanskiy V.
Measurement of the fetal head in the uterine cavity
Schwab A.
The case of Caesar's chant
Sachs G.G.
On the question of extrauterine pregnancy
Mikhin P.Y.
To the etiology of cysts of small lips vulvae
Brandt A.F.
T. Boryssowicz. Stale rozszerzenie ujscia zewnetrirnego macicy, zapomoca przewiazania bocznych scian dolnego odcinka czesc pochwowej (Medycyna, 1893, no. 9). Persistent expansion of the external uterine opening by ligation of the lateral walls of the lower branch of the vaginal part (Dilatatio ostii externi uteri ope ligaturae)
Kaplyanskiy V.
M.D. Nikitin. On the fainting of a woman in childbirth in a forensic medical relationship. (News. General. Gig., Court. And Practice. Medicine, 1894, May)
Kakushkin N.
Hochstetter. Ueber Harnleiterscheidenfisteln. (Archiv für Gynaecologie, Bd. 45, Hft. 1, S. 107). About ureter-vaginal fistulas
Feinberg B.
Current status of the issue of radical treatment of uterine fibroids
Ott D.O.
Observations during employment at the Dresden obstetric clinic
Glasek V.V.
To the casuistry of perforating the uterus of the patient herself in order to induce an abortion
Chernomordik-Ginzburg M.
A. Kochetkov. Two cases of uterine rupture. (Weekly, 1894, No. 12)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
N. Heuck. Ein neuer Fall von Luftembolie bei Placenta praevia. (Zeitschr. F. Geburtsh. U. Gynäk. Bd. XXVIII, H. 1, S. 140). New case of air embolism on presentation after presentation
Feinberg B.
To casuistry of ovarian cystocarcinomas (gystocarcinoma ovarii duplex)
Vysotsky A.
Clinical materials for the doctrine of tubal pregnancy
Dranitsyn A.A.
Dr. F. Rapchevskiy. To symptomatology of eclamptic generic convulsions. (Gazeta lekarska, No. 39, 1894)
Polonsky B.
Collection of works on obstetrics and women's diseases, dedicated to prof. K.O. Slavyansky by his students in the 25th anniversary of his medical and scientific activity
Kakushkin N.
The case of Kesar's judgment according to the conservative method
Kiselev N.
Ginzburg. Artificial legal miscarriage according to the Peltzer method in case of severe bleeding in pregnant women. (Weekly, 1894, No. 10)
Journal of Obstetrics and Women's Diseases E.
A. A. Novitskiy. Application of galvanic current in the absence of months (amenorrhoea). (Doctor 1893, No. 6)
Rutkovskiy A.
A case of vaginal infection with the formation of haematometra and haematocolpos after the first birth
Litkens A.A.
A case of a uterine tumor
Kuhn F.
А. Mars. Przypadek porodu u osoby cieapiacej na wade serca. (Przeglad lekarski, 1893, № 11). A case of childbirth in cardiac patient
Kaplyanskiy V.
K casuistic of puerperal neuritis
Gеrenstein S.S.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. 12
Slavyanskiy K.F.
On the issue of accessory Fallopian tubes and holes (tubae accessoriae et ostia accessoria, Nebentuben)
Kybe N.N.
On Ovarian Tumour with pregnancy
Williams J.
Z. J. Lusk. Mitral stenosis in pregnancy (New-York Medical Journal, 1893, January 14). Contraction of venous opening in pregnant women
Kaplyanskiy V.
Druzhinin I.N.
The treatment of vesicoureteral fistulas by separating the urinary bladder from the cervix, and the advantage of this method compared to other methods used from the vagina
Dranitsyn A.A.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol number I. The administrative meeting on 18 th January 1894
Slavyanskiy K.F., Ott D.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. 13
Slavianskiy K.F.
A case of congenital absence of eyeballs. (Anophthalmia duplex congenita auctorum)
Massen V.N.
Picqué. Opération césarienne suivie de succès pour la mère et pour l’enfant. (Gaz. des Hôpitaux 1893, № 37). Caesarean section with a safe outcome for the mother and child.
Sheinis L.
Kireev D.M.
A case of multiple deformities
Bondarev P.G.
Pathologies of cysts of round uterine ligaments
Ulezko-Stroganova K.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. 5. the date of May 12, 1894
Ott D.O.
Richardière. La variole pendant la grossesse à l’Hôpital d’Aubervilliers pendant l’année 1892. (Union Médicale, №№ 22 et 23, 1893). Smallpox during pregnancy
Sheinis L.
Meeting of obstetric and gynecological societies. Protocol No. XVII. Administrative appointment on December 30, 1893
Ott D.O.
I. M. Lvov. Disease Hildebrandt'a (penis captivus s. Vaginismus superior) (Doctor 1893, No. 1).
Rutkovskiy A.
Guinard. Fibromes utérins et grossesse. (7-e Congrés Français de Chirurgie, séance du 7 avril. Semaine Médicale, № 23, 1893). Fibroids of the uterus and pregnancy
Sheinis L.
Differential recognition of echinococcus and other pouch formations of the female genital area
Serezhnikov G.P.
Dr. Bérillon. Vomissements incoercibles de la grossesse traités avec succès par la suggestion. (Arch. De Tocologie et de Gynécol., Mars, 1892). Indomitable vomiting during pregnancy, cured by suggestion
Sheinis L.
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