Pharmacoeconomic aspects of glaucoma therapy with prostaglandin analogues in patients with signs of ocular surface disease

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Treatment of glaucoma is prevalent in modern healthcare. The standard of care at this time in the majority of glaucoma patients is to be treated with prostaglandin analogues. The aim of the present study was to compare the cost-effectiveness and the effect on the daily quality of life of preservative-free tafluprost to benzalkonium chloride (BAK) preserved latanoprost ophthalmic solutions which are present on the Russian market. In the patients with signs of ocular surface disease. Material and methods. The cost calculation was carried out on the basis of the weighted average retail price in Moscow from March 2015. The research was carried out over a 1 yeartime period. At the assessment, we assumed that clinical efficacy of the compared drugs did not differ; but at the same time the absence of the negative impact of treatment on patients’ quality of life (QoL), assessed by COMTol questionnaire, was observed in 30 % of patients treated with BAK-preserved latanoprost and in 52 % of patients treated with preservative-free tafluprost. Results and discussion. The costs of glaucoma treatment with preservative-free tafluprost and with branded BAK-preserved latanoprost are now comparable. The cost per 1 patient without the negative impact of treatment on patients’ QoL for tafluprost (Taflotan®) was 42.6 % lower than that for branded latanoprost (Xalatan®), 72.7 % higher than that for the generic latanoprost Glaumax®, and 24.3 % higher than that for the generic latanoprost Latanomol™. The analysis of the results’ sensitivity to changes in the cost of drugs in real limits demonstrated their high reliability. When taking a decision on the reimbursement for prostaglandin analogues, one should be aware that generic latanoprost ophthalmic solutions may differ significantly from the branded drug both in physical and chemical properties as well as in clinical efficacy and safety. Conclusion. Preservative-free tafluprost and branded BAK-preserved latanoprost are characterized by comparable clinical efficacy whereas preservative-free tafluprost has better tolerability. At a comparable cost of treatment, preservative-free tafluprost has a higher cost-effectiveness. This allows recommending its inclusion in regional and federal programs for the treatment of glaucoma in patients with ocular surface disease signs.

Alla Vsevolodovna Rudakova

Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy

DSci, Prof., Dep. of Management and Economics of Pharmacy

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