Cordarone keratopathyand Fabry disease: Differential diagnosis, treatment

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Cordarone keratopathy corresponds to medically induced corneal changes developing with time in a majority of patients against the background of systemic cordarone (amiodarone) therapy. This condition does threaten by substantial visual function decrease and does not demand medication withdrawal. Similar intraepithelial corneal inclusions may be found in treatment by several other medications, as well as in Fabry disease. This is to be reminded when considering differential diagnosis.

Sergey Yur'yevich Astakhov

Pavlov First State Medical University of Saint Petersburg

MD, PhD, professor. Ophthalmology Department

Natal'ya Viktorovna Tkachenko

Pavlov First State Medical University of Saint Petersburg

MD, PhD, assistant professor. Ophthalmology Department

Sanasar Surikovich Papanyan

Pavlov First State Medical University of Saint Petersburg


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