Way of forecasting of life expectancy of patients mucinous ovarian cancer

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The purpose of the present research work was revealing significant pathoanatomical, morphometrycal characteristics of a primary tumor at women suffering mucinous ovarian cancer with the subsequent development of algorithm of definition of life expectancy after radical treatment. It was used it operational a material of 72 patients mucinous ovarian cancer Ic, II and III clinical stages (FIGO, 2003) with relapse ovarian cancer. Morphometry changes were carried out by means of systems of analysis MpvBio (Leica GmbH, 1998) and Quantimet 500 C + QWin (Leica Cambridge Ltd., 1998). On the basis of the mathematical analysis of the received information matrix the cybernetic model allowing with high accuracy to expect life expectancy of the given category of oncological patients has been developed.

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Ye V Novichkov

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