A.t. operations over the proliferation of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis

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The article analyzed the results of surgical treatment of 515 patients operated on over the proliferation of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis. It was revealed that the original tactics and techniques mediastinal lymphadenectomy significantly improved the results of surgical treatment of advanced destructive tuberculosis.

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D B Giller

Email: cniit@cniitramn.ru

A V Papkov

Email: cniit@cniitramn.ru

G V Hiller

Email: cniit@cniitramn.ru

S S Sadovnikova

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A V Volynkin

Email: cniit@cniitramn.ru

B M Asanov

Email: cniit@cniitramn.ru

A A Glotov

Email: cniit@cniitramn.ru

I I Martel

Email: cniit@cniitramn.ru


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