Immunohistochemical study of the endocrine cells in the pancreas of the actinopterygian fishes ( Actinopterigii)


The endocrine tissue in the pancreas of 10 actinopterygian fishes (Actinopterigii) species was investigated in present study. Insulin-immunoreactive cells in the most of the studied species (except A. Anguilla, E. Lucius, C. Carpio) had the spherical shape. Glucagon-immunoreactive and somatostatin-immunoreactive cells had the spindle shape with cytoplasmic processes in all species. Insulin-immunoreactive cells were located in the central region of the pancreatic islets; glucagon-immunoreactive cells were located on islet periphery in the most of these species. In A. ruthenus the islets contained only insulin-positive cells. In this case glucagon-and somatostatin-positive cells were distributed around the islets, single cells and small clasters were scaterred throughout the pancreas. In the islets of A. Anguilla, insulin-immunoreactive cells were found in the peripheral region, glucagon-immunoreactive cells were located in the central region. The observed polymorphism of the islets and endocrine cells can not be explained by feeding habits of fishes.

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