The peculiarities ofpenis elastic fiber inpatients with erectiledysfunction andpeyronie's disease


The aim of this research was to study the morphologic characteristic of penis elastic fibers in patients with
erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronies disease (PD) by morphometric methods. Taken material was penis
biopsy of 23 patients with ED and 9 patients with PD. Elastic fibers were tudied with the help of resorcinfuchsin
by Veigerts and Vergofs methods. The qualitative changes of elastic fibers such as bifurcation of
fibers, decolorization, cob formation, fiber thinning combining with structure thickening were detected.
The decreasing of elastic fibers quantity in tunica albuginea and corpus cavernosa of penis in patients with
ED and PD was noted. These elastic fibers can not be considered as physiologic fibers because they dont
make their function. Their malfunction and their increasing in tissue of penis evidently lead to the
deterioration of penis elasticity and erectile disorder


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