Effect of prolongedalcohol consumption ina free elections in the level of sexhormones

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In a free choice between 15 -% solution of ethanol and water in a group of 30 male Wistar
rats were distinguished 3 groups on the level of alcohol consumption. Body weight was
increased in groups with middle and high consumption of ethanol. The content of
gonadotropic hormones (LH and FSH) in animals, which consumed the maximum amount of
ethanol, compared with controls was reduced, while urovevn testosterone, both general and
free, were raised in direct proportion to the total amount of consumed ethanol. Index of ratio
of total testosterone increased in proportion to the free consumption of ethanol. Changing
the content in the blood serum of gonadotropic and sex hormones were correlated with the
level of alcohol consumption

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V A Mkhitarov


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